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Topic: Anti-Drum II (Teaser)

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    Anti-Drum II (Teaser)


    Welcome to Anti-Drum Vol. II

    The library contains over 20 different instruments that each represent a unique texture. The library contains a variety of instruments recorded in our signature hall, including boom whackers, PVC pipe percussion ensemble to flower vases, glasses, rainsticks, coke bottles. We also included a supreme set of music box samples, which were recorded in several locations including large hall, studio and so forth. The library also contains a variety of even more unconventional instruments ranging from human beats through a cellphone (10 round robin and 10 velocity layers), stop watches and a compressive patch of what we call: “human trumpets”.

    Tonehammer Anti-Drum II:

    * Release date: April 2nd 2009
    * $39 (introduction offer — goes $49 on 4/7/09)
    * Air Traffic Control
    * Baritone Sax Phrases
    * Boom Whackers (10 velo / 10 round-robin / hall)
    * Box Bang (hall)
    * Cellphone Human Beat Box
    * Coke Bottle Staccato (10 velo / hall)
    * Finger Snaps
    * Flower Vase (10 velo / hall)
    * Fuzz Kit
    * Glasses (hall)
    * Human Trumpet
    * Music Boxes (big hall, small hall, studio)
    * PVC Pipe Percussion Ensemble (hall)
    * Plastic Water Container
    * Rainstick (hall)
    * Slinky Experiment
    * Stop Watch
    * The Deceiver
    * Thunder Drum
    * Trashcan (hall)
    * Un-glasses
    * Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit .wav format
    * Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav (note: Kontakt 3 requirement for bonus content)
    * Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 full stand-alone retail versions required

    Anti-Drum Vol. II - Demo 1


    Contains Anti-Drum 2, Didgeridoo and Francesca

    Go to http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1770 for more information

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    Re: Anti-Drum II (Teaser)

    Sounds interesting as always

    Is this the library of the percussions found on the Bourne movies you referred to in a previous post or are more yet are to come...


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    Re: Anti-Drum II (Teaser)

    Wow. This is a pretty creative idea! I haven't checked out your other projects, but I will check out your site for sure!

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    Re: Anti-Drum II (Teaser)


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