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Topic: Plugin/Sample Host

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    Plugin/Sample Host

    Hi everyone!

    I just sold of all my GIGAS and invested in 2 Quad-Core's with 32GB Memory to work as sample hosts.

    At first I tried Logic as a sample host. Unfortunately the result wasn't the best. It was crashing a lot and I couldn't have more than 4 instances of Kontakt open at the same time.

    After that, I tried hosting in Plogue Bidule and everything seemed more stable. The MP assign seems to help a lot. The only downside with running Plogue is that it's a bit time consuming to go between two or three instances of bidule and there isn't any key-commands to go between the different instances of Kontakt. By other words: It's a lot of mouse clicking!

    I also tried RAX 2 which I liked but doesn't seem to do multiprocessing.
    btw.. Does anyone know what's going on with RAX 3?

    My question is: What do you guys use as Plugin/Sampler hosts?
    Is there something else out there?

    Any tips,hints or recommendations would be highly appreciated!

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    Re: Plugin/Sample Host

    I'm in heaven here with Fx Teleport and Kontakt running on the slave machine. It's really stable and this setup doesn't require any hardware(midi or audio) only network cables and it can runs any vst instruments and even plugins without the need of a host.

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    Re: Plugin/Sample Host

    FX Teleport is PC only-- I don't know if that would be an issue for you. And while it does work INCREDIBLY well, I'm afraid that the future for FXT looks pretty bleak. It's been ages since an update, and Max, the brilliant creator of the program, has been off the map for quite some time now. They were promising FXT 2.0 TWO YEARS AGO! (Still can't believe it's been that long).

    I have to say- the solutions I've seen for sample hosting on a PC have been WAY more efficient and elegant than those on a MAC. Bidule, while a brilliant piece of software, is a serious pain in the @ss.

    32 GB of RAM? That's impressive. Please keep us updated once you've found a setup that you like!

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    Re: Plugin/Sample Host

    Thanks for your replies!

    I should probably have mentioned that my studio left the world of PC's for good..

    btw, I also tried mainstage but the results was terrible.
    Anyone tried hosting in Live??

    Anyhow,, maybe the only option is to wait for Kontakt 3.5 and Snow leopard to come out..

    Thanks again!

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