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Topic: "In the Moon of Wintertime"

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    "In the Moon of Wintertime"

    We decided it was okay to post works that weren't entirely Garritan, yes?

    Okay then. Post five from my in-progress Christmas project (posts one, two and three, and four). This one's an arrangement of "In the Moon of Wintertime" (aka "Huron Carol"). Created through Finale 2009 (with Human Playback) using Finale's GPO lite (piano, handbells, and cello); XSample (violin, viola, bowed vibraphone, bowed crotales); and a handchime soundfont.



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    Re: "In the Moon of Wintertime"

    Hi, I think the general consensus was that a piece should "feature" Garritan instruments (that's why we're here, right?). If you have something that either doesn't have Garritan products in it, or they are overshadowed by others, it can be posted in the "Sample Libraries - Listening Area".

    This is sounding pretty remarkable for coming right out of Finale, the mix sounds nice. I've always liked this carol and you have done a good job with it. Not real crazy about the bowed instruments, but they have an interesting sound. You are going to have a great Christmas CD, if you keep this up! Thanks, John

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    Re: "In the Moon of Wintertime"

    Hello, Matthew

    It's good to hear your Christmas collection continuing to unfold.

    It's an exciting effect with all the light percussion instruments in this, and I enjoyed the sound of the bowed ones also -From about half way through I found the sound getting too thick and cacauphonous with the build up of all those sounds, though. I feel some thinning out would get you a lighter, more pleasant effect.

    In general, I find this Carol to be so somber, and your arrangement tended to add even more weight to it, so that it was like a dirge. A tinkling dirge--so that's not a Completely heavy sound, but I feel the cumulative effect is a bit depressing - Besides the above about how I think thinning out the percussion would be a good experiment, I feel you could try some different ways of opening this. The ponderous low Piano chords instantly put this into a sad, funereal mood.

    Not to say the recording is without interest. Not at all. I just feel that in comparison to your other Christmas tracks, this one is missing a holiday spirit.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "In the Moon of Wintertime"

    I may try to dial down the, um, dirgeness a bit, but not too much -- I'm not opposed to some solemnity in a Christmas album. And I'm not happy with the opening myself, but it's the best of the four ways I've tried thus far. Time to try four more ways, I think.


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