Got an Akai EWI USB a couple of weeks ago, and I've been playing it almost daily (real life intrudes at times). I'm going to be covering the Reed 5 book (Oboe and English Horn) for the musical at my daughter's high school. It sounds great in the practices, but I've got a couple of suggestions/requests on how Aria Player could be modified to work better in my situation.

I'm switching (currently) between Oboe and English Horn. I can anticipate covering a couple more specialty things, too, as we work towards the actual rehearsals with the chorus and actors. Switching instruments "on the fly" is a bit of a chore right now. I'd like to have some way of having multiple instruments already loaded and then switching between the "active" voice with a single mouse or key click. Equate it to the "solo" mode that a lot of sequencer/DAW software have. So I could have my Oboe and English Horn patches loaded, and click on the needed voice and change easily. Come Windows 7 and a touch-capable computer screen, I could simply press the screen and have that work!

The current voicing setup where each slot can be OMNI or a separate channel is awkward, too. I'd love to be able to stack/group up to 4 voices together (not necessarily OMNI). And then be able to switch between my Oboe on channel 1, and have a string trio stacked and set up as a second performance "voice". Again, great flexibility for my pit band scenario.

Finally, and it's more of a clarification than a change, I'd love to see something written up or done as a video on YouTube showing us how to use a .SFZ file with Aria Player. Things like how to import, how to modify it for better breath control, etc.

Thanks for a really fun tool/toy.