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Topic: Lo-fi drums for pop music

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    Lo-fi drums for pop music

    Can anyone suggest a sound library that has great lo-fi drums patches for slow-medium pop music?
    I'm a bit limited with editing sounds that I'd prefer something that's great out-of-the-box.

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    I recommend Ez drummer claustrophobic....
    Can use it for basically anything...
    From Hip hop to 80's drums.
    I can even use it for jazz.

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    I've heard Ez drummer claustrophobic, but I don't think that's what I'm looking for. I've heard Stylus RMX as well, and I know it got some great Lo-fi drums out of the box, but I'm hoping there are other alternatives.
    WAV/Acid loops are ok too if there's any...

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    just run any loop you like through a gtr amp sim, instant lo fi

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    if you want a drum kit you can program in a variety of styles, then Superior 2 is great. Much more flexible than the EZ drummer packs, although you can use those with it as refills.
    If you get S2 and add the NY refill you will have a very wide variety of sounds.
    Lo-fi is narrow bandwith and distorted, like a gtr amp.

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    I recommend checking out the micro-packs on Puremagnetik. (In case that previous company name is not allowed, then search micropacks on google, and you should find it. Or PM me.) They sell in Ableton form, Kontakt 2, and something else sometimes that I've forgotten. Price is right.

    Also- anything from Loopmasters- they have a bunch of downloadable things as well- REALLY nice quality.



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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    Thanks for the comments. I'll check them out.

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    You can also try Goldbaby. It isn't lofi, but it is old drum machines recorded really well.

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    Re: Lo-fi drums for pop music

    One of those $75 Casios. You can't get much more lo-fi than that.

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