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Topic: My New Steinway Purchase ...

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    My New Steinway Purchase ...

    After about a year of renovating the house and jeopardizing the marriage, I'm just about done.... So as wee gift to myself, I'm buying a computer dedicated to playing the Gar. Steinway.

    What, folks, is the system I should be buying? The latest and greatest machine with, well....., 0 latency?

    Lay it out for me, 'cause I'm completely out of the loop. My last real exposure to technology was DOS.


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    Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    Hi John, Your post doesn't seem to be drawing response yet. I'd recommend looking over the sites of a few of the custom builders of audio computers for specifics about the dream machine. Some of them are protective of their build specifics, but you should be able to get some ideas. There are also some forums that are audio computer related that might help.
    As a starting point for some fact gathering, you might want to check out Sweetwater. They have some pretty good articles and videos about their take on the DAW, and also have some knowledgeable reps who you could chat with about your specific needs.
    Good luck in your quest! John

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    Question Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    I'll be adding a dedicated machine just for my pianos so far its the i7 intel extreme series and using the Western Digital drives one running at 10,000

    if that doesn't come close to zero nothing will


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    Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    I haven't had ANY luck with a Vista machine yet. I've tried 3 of them and none seem to handle audio that well at all. My XP machine is solid as a rock and all three Vista machines click and pop like crazy.

    I just don't think that the drivers are "there" yet and with Windows 7 coming up at year's end I don't think they ever WILL be.

    I would recommend an XP machine. And even better, building it yourself!

    And by the way, my copy of the Steinway Pro is officially up for grabs... AGAIN! PM me if you are interested!


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    Question Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    I run my Q6600 with xp and the results are good I do use the Steinway with my Mac G5 also good results the, Q6600 I use that mega dvd software from a competitor which is cpu intense no issues

    one other thing my pc was custom built as Curt suggests my only mistake was sticking with the Seagate drives lately not a stable product Western D a wiser choice

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    Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    I began feeling a bit shunned! Thanks for the responses. I am currently using a wd raptor, and still getting pops and clicks on the Gar. Steinway (pro ed.). But I attribute that to my outdated asus board and ancient Pentium 3 cpu.

    Since the raptor recently died, i figure I'll purchase an entirely new system. Now off to Sweetwater for some info I think!

    I'm guessing that there's no point in throwing money at a quad processor ....


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    Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    Hi John,

    Don't get me wrong, Sweetwater is a fine business, but I think their 'custom' PCs are overpriced. I've bought two from ADK in Kentucky and they are great. Call Scott and tell him what software you want to run and he'll put one together. I've found him to be very helpful with choices (drives, cpu, memory...). He also will help adjust if you are not totally happy. I'm sure others do a similar job. Sweetwater's machines are fine, quality boxes but seem more production. Just my 2c.


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    Question Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    pent 3 for sure pops and.... my q6600 system costs $1,100 tax included canadian funds but I go off the deep end at times so now adding the i7 extreme to my slaves

    I can send you a PM link if you wish its a solid place to do bussiness they deal cross canada and have service shops in many cities its not a small corner store

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    Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    A friend went from raptor to SSD and it really improves a lot. Just so you know that not all SSDs are 'equal'.

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    Re: My New Steinway Purchase ...

    Hey, the pm link would be much appreciated!!!

    Has anyone experimented with partializing a 10k rpm drive?


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