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Topic: Ambience, textures, pads, etc.

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    Ambience, textures, pads, etc.

    Mmkay, I\'ve got around 300 bucks, and I\'m looking for some ambience. Keywords: dark and haunting (or bright in a dark and haunting way? ).

    What are my options? Any personal experience/preference?

    Thanks an oodle.

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    Re: Ambience, textures, pads, etc.

    Real synths...

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    Re: Ambience, textures, pads, etc.

    I know some people here don\'t approve of them, but NiceBytes makes a line of CD\'s that have about 75-100 of the patches from a lot of popular synths. I ordered the 33 CD set in Akai format for $350 on E-Bay. For realism, it\'s not great, but for pads.. Well.. it\'s in there. I\'ll probably keep most of the CD\'s, and sell the ones that I don\'t want. And hey, it makes the sample library look bigger. (That\'s 75-100 patches per CD. I\'m guessing that there\'s a LOT of samples there.)

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    Re: Ambience, textures, pads, etc.

    Check out BT\'s twisted Textures at soundsonline/eastwest. Sounds pretty interesting and not that expensive.

    I like the ambiences in Distorted Rality

    I\'ve heard alot of good things about Drone Archeology

    Also XXXLARGE pads has a bunch of pads Not really interesting ones, but alot of them that you can mix and fade in and out of each other for some cool textures.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Ambience, textures, pads, etc.

    Hi, there are a few libraries out there with textures : Distorted Reality 1 and 2, xxlarge pads, Dream experience is nice too.

    Personally, i\'ve been a bit disapointed in that segment of samples, so i am buying a new real synth (god it\'s been a long time since i went shopping for an analog synth...)

    But... in softsynths there are some really nice ones that i like wich are pretty close
    Native Instruments FM7 wich i just tried today is excellent !!! also Reaktor 3 is mighty fine and pro52 wich is an emulation of the Prophet 5.

    I am looking at a Novation Supernova(the laptop model) right now for textures and stuff, i like the Virus B but it\'s too expensive.

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