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Topic: Using ~CC1 midi messages for dynamic controls (Crescendo and Dim)?

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    Question Using ~CC1 midi messages for dynamic controls (Crescendo and Dim)?

    Hi everyone,

    I have only recently begun using Garritan Personal Orchestra in Sibelus 5 (on Windows XP Pro.) so im kind of new to this whole modwheel feature. I apologise for any silly questions i may have .

    At first using GPO and Sibelius worked fine with dynamics and expression but some instruments (such as strings) were conciderably softer than needed (even with volume changes in GPO). So i began using Modwheel (~CC1) messages in my dynamics (by writing the midi message after the expression ie: P~CC1,31). Well that fixed the volume issues but not the way i expected it to....

    Suddenly all my line dynamics (Crescendos and Dim) became useless in playback as if Sibelius didnt recognise them and all other ordinary dynamics (With no ~CC1 messages) (P, mp, f, etc) also stopped working. The altered dynamics, which i had written, worked (with good volume - one thing that worked) but they didnt provide smooth alterations between volumes as there were audiable jumpes in volume from say p to mp.

    After a few hours of trying different methods, searching the web, this site etc for answers, i discovered that Sibelius provides a plugin which writes ~CC7 or ~C11 messages to hairpins in order to increase the volume and that GPO provides a feature which allows u to use ~CC7 messages to effect volume. This seemed like a the answer to my problem.

    But reciently i have going through the exercieses in RK's "Principles of orchestration" ive noticed that crescendoes and diminuendoes within the midi files have been produced by using ~CC1 (modwheel) midi messaging.

    Is there a way of writing ~CC1 messages in place of these ~CC7 codes for hairpins? or is the way im doing my dynamics with ~CC7 codes good enough already or totally stupid?

    Any help will be awesome,

    Regards, Alex

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    Re: Using ~CC1 midi messages for dynamic controls (Crescendo and Dim)?


    You shouldn't need to add CC messages in Sibelius. Insert the dynamic - if you want to adjust it, do so in the Dictionary, which covers how score markings are to be heard. Similarly, a hairpin can be adjusted in the Playback Panel - see the help file for more detailed explanations. My guess is that all the CC info is actually conflicting with the score markings.

    Also, post your question - and a bit of the score - over at the Sibelius site; they can be of better help there.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Using ~CC1 midi messages for dynamic controls (Crescendo and Dim)?

    Ok thanks for that rpearl. I guess those ~CC1 dynamic marks written in the tutorial pages only apply to earlier versons of Sibelius which doesnt support the modwheel function.

    Thanks again,


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