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Topic: Cyrano Naked - !

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    Cyrano Naked - !

    For fun, I did a re-mix of my entry in our last Movie Challenge, and am posting it here to give it a bit more air time.

    The source footage was a clip from "Cyrano" starring Jose Ferrer. It's an early scene where the eccentric and brilliant poet/swordsman publicly humiliates a preening soldier who has mocked Cyrano's famously huge proboscis.

    Cyrano is a character who talks with the Man in the Moon, is full of whimsy, romance, and brilliance. I took those as cues for the mood of my score, keeping the instrumentation fairly small, in a space the size of where the scene takes place. It's a light scene, up until the momentarily grim finish.

    The original file to go with the video had complex automation (volume envelope) on the music's master fader, so it could duck under the film's original sound track with the dialogue. For this ""Cyrano Naked" file, I erased the automation and have the music staying up front.

    You can hear that what I wrote is full of fermatas, taking its cues from the visuals it was based on.

    For fun, here is -

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    Thumbs up Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    That was fun, Randy! I think the ghost of Frank Zappa sneaked up on the stage as well, playing the marimba, lol!

    The main theme has a playful and melancholic touch to it, it stays in the head afterwoulds. The oboe section is beautiful!

    I like it,

    Well balanced and imaginative with lots of witty energy!


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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    Fredrik, what a great response--thanks much!

    It's a fun thing, posting something not really intended to be heard on its own.

    Thanks for mentioning the way this hangs together on a motif you found effective. For it to be both "playful and melancholic" describes perfectly what I was going for. And the wistful section featuring the Oboe, a development of the motif - That's Cyrano pausing, hilt of his sword raised to heaven, to sincerely ask that God bring peace and forgiveness to his adversary.

    Thank you for your kind words about that moment, and all of it. I was really glad to delve more deeply into the video scoring capabilities we have in our apps like Sonar, Finale, et al.


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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    The front part is delightfully lurchy, Mr. Randy! It's my kind of thing. Very creative. I really enjoyed it. Made my day.

    Best Regards,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    Very nice Randy!

    I love reeds and woodwinds when featured, as you have done in your Cyrano cue/orchestration. I don't think any other section (save, perhaps, plectrum instruments) instantly says "1600's" ... a good choice in keeping with the films setting. I'm not against using contrasting/non-period instrumentation to score the scene, but your choice did work well.

    It was good to hear your score cue as concert music!



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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    "Lurchy"--I love that, Larry. Thanks - glad you enjoyed so much!

    And thank You, Frank - Glad it was fun for you to hear my version of this on its own. Using the Woods did indeed seem so appropriate to me.

    However I am in Total agreement with you that it isn't necessary to stick with period or place appropriate music in a film score. Otherwise - what would you have for a film featuring Cavemen?--just rocks being banged together? A film about ancient Egypt, ancient Anywhere--no strings allowed? Certainly not.



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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    Hi Randy,

    Great stuff ! It's excellent theatre (or film) music, but it stands up very well on its own. It's very playful, and yet cleverly wrought. I particularly like the spot where the entire ensemble comes in for the first time.

    I also liked the production, where every part comes through crystal clear.

    Bravo !

    Best Regards,


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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    Hi Randy,

    I haven't been around recently so I missed the Movie challenge this was taken from. I really enjoyed this - it was quite fun and I can imagine the scene as it unfolds.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Cyrano Naked - !

    Look who's here! Great to see you again, Trent.

    Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed - and here's the General Discussion thread where you can see the "Cyrano" footage with the six different scores that were posted for the Movie scoring event:

    Cyrano Clothed!


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