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Topic: Woodwind Library Options

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    Woodwind Library Options

    So 3 years ago I bought the ProjectSAM Brass library. Fell instantly in love with it. 2 years ago I got TrueStrike, again fell in love with it. Last year I temporarily lost my sanity and, lord help me, I bought the Sonivox Strings... and I loved it (though not the gapping hole it left in my wallet).

    Ok, so this year is a no brainer... Time to buy a woodwind library.

    I actually have the Westgate Studio Flute & Oboe and like them to a point but not really for mixing in for whole orchestra compositions.

    Of course I'm considering the Sonivox woodwinds since I was very happy with their strings but I'm not sure about putting a 2nd hole in my wallet.

    Dare I even say it..... VSL? I like the idea of the downloadable instruments. I could get the individual instruments I need as well as the section ones... or just the entire standard edition Woodwinds I w/ the upgrade to extended later.

    I'm pretty sure I just listed off the all the major ones but would love other recommendations and even input from people who have mixed these libraries together.

    Thanks in advance!
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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    Re: Woodwind Library Options

    IMHO, the VSL Woodwinds are unmatched. I absolutely love the sound of their clarinet and flute. The oboe sings also.

    Not perfect, but better than anything else I've heard!

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    Re: Woodwind Library Options

    I have the Westgate Clarinets and French Horn packages. The clarinets require a bit more tweaking and are a bit harder to work with than I would have liked, but they sound better than anything else I have. Especially the Bass Clarinet. Every other library I own makes this instrument sound more like a sax or a bassoon. But I really love the Westgate French Horn samples. They really are something, capturinh quite a range of what the instrument can do. I'm using a lot more of the articulations than I ever thouht I would.

    The rest of the w/w that I am using come from those bundled with Kontakt 2. The bassoon is nice and the flute is okay, too, for most things. I too wouldn't mind hearing some suggestions - but I'm very into the modular idea these days. No sense in buying yet another complete orchestral library or section, only to find that the quality is somewhat uneven (some instruments being better than others.)

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