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Topic: My wishlist for the new Garritan Gigastudio!

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    My wishlist for the new Garritan Gigastudio!

    Dear Gary,

    While I am really excited about your purchase of the GigaStudio technology and it takes away a HUGE amount of background stress knowing that someone has picked up this torch, I am also faced with some concerns. I am sure you are considering everything and what I know of your dedication to supporting composers and music makers everywhere is reassuring in this moment of question.

    I would expect that you will continue to create sample libraries, virtual instruments, specifically ones where your success has been considerable like bundling with Finale and lately with cool things like bundling with Akai EWI, and that you will use this newly acquired technology to further your endeavors. I can only imagine the amazing and cool new features that your products will gain as a result of your Giga acquisition!

    I am hoping as well, with all my heart, that you will continue the gigastudio line of products, as intended in the original spirit, and to use your excellent team to make them better, more solid, for more platforms, tested better, with better customer support than TEAC did. here is my wishlist:

    1. make a new release where gigastudio 4 left off, including 32, 64 bit versions, with all the features we were promised and almost got, with a stable release

    2. complete the GVI 4 development for Mac

    3. if any way possible at all offer some kind of discount for current owners - I understand and read that you have no ability to access current customer information, but if there was a way, I am certain you would acquire many many grateful GS 3 and 4 owners who have given up hope. Those of us who dreamed of an open source giga, and those who already sank a considerable amount of money in the last year and waited on the edge of their seats for the amazing 64 bit giga architecture only to receive a product that doesnt fully work yet, then to be told Tascam was dropping it.

    4. Continue adding to the giga architecture with concepts like VSL is doing with their Vienna Ensemble 3, that lets you use the gigabit ethernet to transfer audio data and getting rid of the need for GSIF compliant sound cards, etc

    5. Continuing the ability of being able to load virtual instruments inside of GS, allowing GS to be the host, but protecting sample library developers from being ripped off by illegal trading of their work

    6. creating better methods for GS to report disc/cpu/ram usage and to show us when we are loading instruments, based on our system, how much can be realistically loaded *during* the loading sample process

    7. creating new methods to quickly and easily audion samples without the clunky loading and unloading methods. Now that the quicksound library is external to the kernal process of GS4 (I think it should be *relatively* easy to do, i.e. add in a ultra simple 1 channel midi in, stereo channel audio out to play through stuff?)

    8. create some tools to help composers who are not mixing engineers to help us mix orchestras better - maybe panning and gigapulse templates, or pop up charts with orchestra seating, or presets for compression, limiting, eq, etc for different styles of orchestra, these kind of things

    9. on a similar note, ways to work with GigaPulse and to use impulses from other reverbs (like altiverb). Maybe that is there already actually, I am not sure, but it is something I would love to see! ;-)

    10. a better way of creating new gigs easily and storing them in a way to keep track of them. Personally of all the DAWs I have used, I like the way cubase integrates how you work with virtual instruments, and how Halion organizes sounds. Lots of meta data about instruments and soft synths to search them easily and the interface is just nice to use. But it would be really awesome to be able to take blablabla.gig, edit it and save it with dialog to help me categorize it and remember where its at and where it comes from and those kind of things

    11. incorporate a system, like GVI that you can use in your host DAW, but rather than calling on sounds directly, it calls upon a farmed Giga machine. So just a remote interface used in your DAW for the remote giga machine. And in that also add in meta data so that when you use, for example, MyGigaStudio Machine 1, port 7, channel 14, and you load GigaViolin patch xxx keyswitch etc, all of that data is presented in the local "GVI" facade, so you can see in your DAW that you have xxx sound loaded and not MIDIOVERLAN PORT 17 channel 14

    12. on that same idea, it would be great for the host giga (and any remote version) to dynamically change the name of the sounds based on keyswitch. For instance in GS4, I layer up like 6 or 7 short violin sounds and set a keyswitch to switch between them, but I only ever see whatever I decided to name it, "Violin short note keyswitch stack 1" or something. But rather it would be awesome when i do a keyswitch that I see the name is now the name of the .gig being used now. And also to have this data seen remotely like in my suggestion #11

    Anyhow, just thinking out loud as it seems like if there was ever a good time to talk about wishes and have them actually heard by receptive ears, its gotta be now!

    As a full time GigaStudio user with several farm machines, I have paid my dues in the history of this product. While I dont have a big industry name, I think the things I mentioned would be appreciated by all. Thanks for taking the time to read this and give consideration! Again congratulations of this acquisition, I sincerely wish you the very best of luck with it!
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: My wishlist for the new Garritan Gigastudio!

    I also forgot to mention that I hope that the tools and interfacing for creating your own samples via recording instruments and sounds and programming in GS never leaves. Having the ability to explore, while it has never yielded me personally amazing samples, it has taught me to understand the process and what is involved and in turn has let me become a better user of samples (and creator of a couple of ok ones ;-)
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: My wishlist for the new Garritan Gigastudio!


    Thanks very much for your comments and suggestions. Some of the things you mentioned we are considering and a few we've started working on. We have a lot of work ahead of us.



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    Re: My wishlist for the new Garritan Gigastudio!

    of course VSL comes out with exactly the ideas I was requesting, only days after I request them haha. I am sure you are well aware of what they are doing but here is their release:

    Vienna Ensemble PRO

    Introducing a major upgrade to our MIDI and audio LAN solution Vienna Ensemble 3. This development is so big, we’ve changed its name to Vienna Ensemble PRO.
    The industry took notice when we first created a MIDI and audio cross-platform network solution that can incorporate both Macs and PCs into an integrated “super-system”, using a simple Ethernet cable. Now, Vienna Ensemble PRO will offer 3rd party plug-in hosting! Instantiate your favorite VST/AU sample players and virtual instruments from other companies alongside Vienna Instruments, and add any VST/AU effect plug-ins you choose to your mix – 32-bit or 64-bit – all in one interface. With total integration you’ll no longer need audio and MIDI hardware on your slave computers. Learn more about Vienna Ensemble's revolutionary networking features here.
    Another important feature is the new Preserve function. Now you can keep your templates and instruments loaded while switching from one project to another. Just disconnect your DAW host from Vienna Ensemble PRO, bring up a new song in your sequencer, and re-connect – all the samples and instruments remain loaded, which will speed up your work-flow significantly. Add to that the new mixer automation of Vienna Ensemble PRO, and you're presented with the uber-host for sample-based music production on one or more computers!
    New Features

    • 3rd party plug-in hosting (AU and VST formats)
    • Preserve feature – Disconnect your Vienna Ensemble PRO slave machine from your master machine while keeping your instruments loaded, and re-connect to a new project.
    • Mixer Automation
    • Improved User Interface design

    Along with the renaming of Vienna Ensemble PRO, Vienna Ensemble 2, the free version without the network function will now be known simply as Vienna Ensemble.
    Vienna Ensemble PRO will soon be available in the download section of our web shop. Registered users of Vienna Ensemble 3 will be able to upgrade FREE of charge.
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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