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Topic: Tutorial CD coming along!

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    Tutorial CD coming along!

    Progress is going very well on the tutorial project. Me and Kevin (the original tech support team) have been recording the teaching sessions all this week and are almost done with the main interface. Next we\'ll tackle the Editor.
    I started with details on backing up old GigaSampler stuff and uninstalling and covered the installation and registration of GigaStudio. Then we have a quick and dirty overview of the whole interface. Next is the process of getting sounds from disk in various formats onto the hard drive, finding them, loading them and messing with them once they are loaded. Today we covered the mixing path and dsp, the MIDI control surface mixer and output offsets and a detailed S-Converter lesson.
    Now I\'m loading 30 sound effects disks to teach about the distributed wave and foley engine and searching.
    In the editor, we will cover basic to advanced instrument design, using complete instruments that will be included with the tutorial package. (a great DX7 that is well recorded and an intentionally horrible drum kit that will probably ironically be a huge hit. We have sampled a badly tuned jamming drum kit to cassette tape through distant mics. It even has tarnished and cracked cymbals and a squeaky kick drum pedal)
    The only catch is you have to assemble the instruments yourself using what we teach you. (a final exam of sorts)
    We will also get into techiques of sequencing on the same machine and getting the audio to work. The whole project is un-scripted and unrehearsed but very slick looking and informative.
    I\'ll keep you all informed as the project progresses. Feel free to post questions or requests for things as I go. I\'ll be checking the threads.
    David Govett

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!


    Thanks so much for your hard efforts on this CD. This is the first I\'ve heard about it, and boy, I welcome it as a new user to Gigastudio. While it\'s been a very friendly piece of software thus far, even simple things like adjusting the attack or sustain of a patch is unnerving for the neophyte once the Editor is open. I really look forward to the CD, and again thanks for all the attention to detail.

    Tom Hartman

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    I see you Tascam guys are feeling the hot Steinberg\'s breath behind your neck uh?

    good, let\'s see if you run faster now.
    w le competition!

    to the best of everyone,

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    Although this should be a Tascam release (provided they like the content and all), I\'m not actually with Tascam or NemeSys anymore. It\'s just me producing this on my own, kind of like a library developer and hopefully profiting from it. However, this will certainly help the product line in the documentation area.
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    Hi Dave! Just wondering where you are at with the Giga CD Tutorial project, now that a few weeks have passed since your last post.

    I\'m really looking forward to this project, as there is nothing else on this scale out there (and the documentation included with Giga doesn\'t even come close).

    Any guesses as to when you might release this project?

    Thanks for the good work.

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    Pant, pant, pant!!!

    Last week I wasted $20 printing EVERY PAGE of the entire Help system for both GS and the Editor. There are many typos and just incorrect info in there-trying to follow the tutorial on merging and layering is about impossible. The system does NOT respond the way the help screens describe.

    Hurry, hurry, hurry, please! (But not so fast as to compromise the product!)


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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    David, I am very interested in your tutorial project. I find the help in Gigastudio is not sufficient for me to get a grasp on using the editor competently. Is there any new information and is it finished. Info and where it will be available and cost would be nice to know. Thanks.

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!


    When is your tutorial CD scheduled to be released?

    I also want to request an index, or/and a search/find function on the CD.


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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    Just wanted to float this puppy again to see where the tutorial CD is at. Don\'t mean to pressure you, David - I\'m just very much looking forward to picking up a copy.

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    Re: Tutorial CD coming along!

    For people who expect a decent manual to be part of a package, does anyone know if Tascam/Nemesys will be releasing a usable manual at all, or is this third-party tutorial the only hope on the horizon?

    A pdf on the website would be nice.

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