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Topic: Vintaudio's Giga Clean Electric Guitars

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    Vintaudio\'s Giga Clean Electric Guitars

    These vintage Les Paul Gibson\'s and Stratocaster in Franky\'s \"Vintaudio Clean Electric Guitars\" are dead on! I am really impressed. These are without a doubt the best sampled Les Paul\'s and Strat\'s I have ever heard. I am not really familiar with the Godin Artisan in order to make a fair judgment, but it does sound very good. I am a big fan of Les Paul\'s, Strat\'s, and Telecasters. I am also a fan of ES335\'s and ES175\'s, in addition to the L5 and Super 400 archtops. I have always been a big fan of the older pickups on these vintage instruments.....PAF (Patten Applied For) Humbuckers and P90\'s in the Gibson line and also the vintage single coil pickups on the old Strat\'s and Tele\'s. Leo Fender back in the late 40\'s and early 50\'s used really cheap magnets and loose coil windings on his pickups, but this is what made them sound so good. Gibson also used these weaker magnets as well back before the early 1960\'s. In the early 60\'s, magnet companies quit making these weaker magnets, \"Alnenco One magnets,\" which were used in guitar pickups in the 1950\'s. This is why newer electric guitars and electric basses from the early 60\'s and up to the present day sound different. These newer and hotter pickups of today, with hotter magnets, \"Alnenco Two magnets,\" and tighter coil windings do not sound nearly as good, as far as I am concerned. The older pickups had much more of a warmer and euphonic character about them.

    Seymour Duncan has certainly come out with some respectable sounding vintage imitation pickups over the last several years. If I am correct, it was Seymour Duncan who convinced a magnet company several years ago, to once again produce the weaker magnets \"Alnenco One magnets,\" which could be used in guitar pickups in order to achieve that sought after vintage sound.

    Considering I am such a fan of these older vintage pickups, that is why I used a vintage floating DeArmond pickup on my sampled electric archtop jazz guitars in my \"Vintage Guitars and Tenor Banjo\" collection. These vintage DeArmond pickups are hard to find, and if a vintage guitar store should happen to have one, they are rather expensive, but they really sound so very good.

    I very highly recommend Franky\'s \"Vintaudio Clean Electric Guitars\" to anyone who is wanting great sounding and extremely well sampled vintage Les Paul\'s, Fender Stratocaster, and Godin Artisan. The price on this collection has to be the \"deal of the century.\" One other collection I consider to be of extreme high quality and also the \"deal of the century,\" is Jim Roseberry\'s \"Purrrfect Drums\" from Studio Cat.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: Vintaudio\'s Giga Clean Electric Guitars

    That comes from someone with very good ears.
    The Nashville\\Country Music sampling folks (like Kip & Jim Corrigan) create the most pristine recordings of instruments out there. They tend to have a great collection of mics to choose from and good gear and ears and a lot of TLC.
    Watch out for more good stuff from that area of the country.
    David Govett

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    Re: Vintaudio\'s Giga Clean Electric Guitars

    Thx for the kind words Kip
    I think at this price point and with 3 guitars this extensivly sampled, we offer a great value product.

    And this is only the beginning, more libraries will appear shortly

    Vintaudio www.vintaudio.com
    Makers Of Giga Clean Electric Guitars.

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