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Topic: 1.8 od?

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    1.8 od?

    So I'm having trouble with the new data installer on mac.

    I get an error message when installing that says to select the folder where I installed disc one...etc.

    I read the instructions and I'm selecting the folder ABOVE the Sage folder and it won't work


    when I open the plugin in logic Stylus reports that it is currently at version 1.8 OD

    What's up? did it update or not?

    I'm confused


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    Re: 1.8 od?

    Hi..The same thing happens to me..Clik choose and select your hard drive..That's what I had to do...I know it appears as if this is the selection via the display above with the green arrow..But unless I actually use the choose to select it it was impossible to complete the data part...You need to instal the 1.7 data with the 1.8 update...JON
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    Re: 1.8 od?

    I get what you're saying... but when I open RMX not is reads 1.8OD in the version text?

    What I'm asking is why does it read like this if it didn't update?

    Thanks for the help and I think I'm going to try again following your advice.


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    Re: 1.8 od?

    See the updates page at spectrasonics.net for upgrade instructions. It sounds like you've updated the software, but not the data.

    - Glenn

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    Re: 1.8 od?

    Quote Originally Posted by gigagagga View Post
    I read the instructions and I'm selecting the folder ABOVE the Sage folder and it won't work
    For the DATA Installer...
    If you moved your SAGE folder to an external hard drive, it has to be the "ABOVE" folder on the external drive.
    If you don't have it on an external hard drive run the installer with defaults, don't choose custom.

    If you did that, what's the error message you're getting?

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    Re: 1.8 od?

    Isn't it 1.8.0 D?

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