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Topic: Scarbee 40% Spring Sale - with Blue Bass PREORDER!

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    Scarbee 40% Spring Sale - with Blue Bass PREORDER!

    From April 1-8 we have our annual Spring Sale and this year we give 40% on ALL Scarbee products - including PREORDER of our new product Blue Bass that will be released May 1, 2009! So if you are prepared to wait a month...
    there is money to save!!

    The Blue Bass sound is a classic and much time has been used on selecting right stings, string wearness and finger playing position to get the right sound.

    "Blue Bass is really fun to play in real life - it has expression like no other bass I own, going from mellow, deep groove to agressive growling and barking. The bass sound recorded is probably the most used on albums world wide, suitable for any musical style from country, rock, pop, latin, jazz, reggea to funk, says bass player and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye."

    This initial release features fingered playing style and contains more than 4000 samples.

    One expansion sets for Blue Bass are scheduled for release in 2009:
    Blue Bass - Slap EXP - thumb and plucked style.

    SCARBEE Blue Bass Sample Library for Kontakt 3 and Kontakt 2
    will be priced EUR 79.00 and will be shipping May 1 - 2009.
    Thomas Hansen Skarbye
    Singer, Bass Player, Composer
    & Creative Director, SCARBEE

    www.scarbee.com & www.myspace.com/scarbee

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    Re: Scarbee 40% Spring Sale - with Blue Bass PREORDER!

    Being familiar with the quality of your libraries and software instruments, pre-ordering the blue bass at that price did not require much forethought of course.

    I'm looking forward to using it!

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Scarbee 40% Spring Sale - with Blue Bass PREORDER!

    Thomas, due to some of your previous engagements with patent owners I don't expect you to (and wouldn't want you to) answer this question, but:

    Anyone have any guesses as to what bass the Blue Bass is? Scarbee says it's the most-recorded bass; and it's a split pickup bass; so my guess is that it's a Fender P?

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