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Topic: 1/2 day at the Musikmese 2009

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    1/2 day at the Musikmese 2009

    Not exactly NEWS:
    I only spent 1/2 a day on the Messe (it´s just too big to stay longer).

    First I must tell you that it was very nice to meet developers you only know from forums and it was a pleasant surprise in all cases.

    I talked to Arne Wallander quite a while and listened to his demonstrations of his Wallander instruments. Not only is he a very nice person but a very intelligent one as well who knows a lot about instruments (had some good ideas how to reduce the harddisk load with big piano libraries and I also learned a lot about how instruments can be processed and shaped in a clever way).
    I´m not a pro musician and I always thought that the Wallander instruments might be a bit too pricy for me but now I´m convinced, that I will get them one after the other. The demonstration of the automatic divisi and the possibilities to place the audition whereever you want (which sounds stunning) is hard to beat.
    He also demonstrated his software version for the iPhone. He uses the iPhone mike as a breath controller!! Sounds clever and it is clever. if you have an iPhone, get this piece of software.

    Chris Hein demonstrated his horns and I was very much impressed by the sound of the upcoming CHH 3. Excellent mutes and the concept is kept similar to CHH 2 so no learning curve here. The midi possibilities (e.g. change the crescendo time in realtime or adjust the amount of shakes) are awesome. I must admit that Chris has done an excellent choice to hire Przemyslaw K. to demonstrate his libraries. What an excellent and passionate musician (and a very nice person too). So I´m afraid boys and girls you will have to put CHH 3 at your shopping list

    Last but not least I heard Eric persing demoing Trilian. He knows his software very well and he seems to love his products (maybe BECAUSE he knows them very well) and I can say that Trilian will be a killer bass library. Even with many features not yet implemented it already ounds amazingly good. I loved the upright bass as well as the Fender electric bass. He has implemented the Omnisphere arpeggiator which you can use with excellent samples of electronic basses. Add some suboscillators and your audience gets a severe bass trauma. Gorgious sound. Thanks Eric for th presentation and guess what.........I´m a MacIntel person =o o-[][]-o o=< :P

    I know it wasn´t much of an overview but to be complete you have to spend a few days there and take some tranquilisers as there is sound from everywhere. Lot´s of stress....

    Best regards

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    Re: 1/2 day at the Musikmese 2009

    Thanks for the kind words. It was great to meet you in person and great seeing you playing the CHH vol 3 muted trumpet your breath controller.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: 1/2 day at the Musikmese 2009

    BTW: If you want to see something amazing go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn_uBjKTnkQ

    Great demonst´ration of the Wallanderinstruments for iPhone. If I see it correctly, the software is 10 $!! at the iTunes store.

    Best regards

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