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Topic: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

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    Question ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    Hi all,

    I've been watching quite a lot of different video tutorials and I would like to try my hand at it, but I don't have any idea how such a tutorial is prepared.

    Which programs are used for that?

    Any help will be appreciated.



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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    Hi Yudit,

    There are several ways you can go about it. If you want your tutorial to be a view of the computer screen, there are screen capture programs out there that will record what you do onscreen. The one that immediately comes to mind is Camtasia, though I am sure there are others (possibly some of which are open source). If you look back through the posts here you'll find a thread that talks about Camtasia and gives a link to a free version of it, I believe.

    You could also use a video camera to capture stuff outside the screen, or point it at the monitor instead of using a screen capture app.

    Once you have your footage, you can record a voiceover (if you didn't record the audio while filming). Then, you can use a program like Windows Movie Maker (or Sony Vegas/Adobe Premiere) to edit your video and put in text subtitles or overlays. Finally, upload it to Youtube or a similar site for the world to see!

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    Definitely try the free version of Camtasia, Yudit. I used it a number of times to post scrolling scores along with music in The Listening Room. Very easy to use. Select the area of the screen you want to capture, and away you go.


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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    I've used the free CamStudio for screen capture available at http://www.camstudio.org/ ... I guess it's like Camtasia, but much simpler and free.

    It allows you to record what's happening on the screen and whatever you're saying on a microphone at the same time. I used it for things like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eLxAdfWSw4

    Music tutorials might be a tad bit trickier if you want to record what's coming right out of your soundcard and the microphone at the same time... at least I couldn't figure out how to do it... (gotta be a way somehow though...)

    Hope this helps
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    Maybe Camtasia has changed things, but the free version I downloaded a couple of years ago is still working and doing everything I need. Here's their site - you could look around if there's still a free trial which doesn't expire:


    I used video editing software (there's always a free app with Windows) so that the music would be of high quality for the posts I was talking about. If I'd wanted to add a voice track, I would have used Sonar.

    A bit of poking around with CamStudio and Camtasia - you'll figure out what you need, Yudit.


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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    While not quite as robust as Camtasia, I've used Wink to create tutorials. You can save them in flash format to upload to a website if you want. It's pretty easy to use too.

    I tried using Camtasia and it is great but I didn't think it was free anymore.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    i use iShowU on my mac. i think its amazing. tons of options and no problems across multiple monitors.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    I recently purchased a program called Screenflow from telestream.net

    This a Mac only application (program).
    It's awesome!

    here is a simple example...

    GPO snare editing (Windows)
    GPO snare editing (Mac)


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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    Thanks, guys, for all the information and video examples.

    I’ll check it all out.


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    Re: ?How do you make a video tutorial?

    Be sure to check out the free programs folks listed here - Seems that Camtasia doesn't have the free version any more, just a free trial. I'm Very fortunate that the V.3 program I got in 2007 was free and remains completely functioning. But I'm sure these freebies will get you what you need - a simple way to make video files from whatever part of the screen you want.

    Have fun, Yudit!


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