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Topic: Need advice on Soundtrack Percussion CD

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    Need advice on Soundtrack Percussion CD

    Does anyone know of a good Percussion CD for soundtrack action stuff? I don\'t mean orchestral percussion, I already have DS soundware Ultimate Percussion. I\'m looking for those great toms like Zimmer uses and other cool percussive instruments and hits, etc. Something like Percussive Adventures but multisamples of the instruments instead of just loops so I can program my own stuff.

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    Re: Need advice on Soundtrack Percussion CD

    I was going to reccomend Percussion Adventures but you seem to already have it. There are a few good tom hits on that set along with some good low rumbly bass and snare military combat hits. I basically consolidated all my favorite hits from the library into a single gig file and it has become an essential set of drums. You might keep an eye out for the next military percussion set coming from Donnie Christian (Ultimate Perc etc..)
    Hanz Zimmer creates his own custom drum set samples sometimes specifically for a project. I got to play with the MI II set and it was quite impactfull. Very Balzy. They basically recorded a drumset in a room with several Mics in different places and even had mics in another room behind closed doors for a muffled variation. The final set took up two entire disks. (And for polyphony purposes with all those layers, 2 entire GigaSamplers also, just for the drum set) Perhaps the powers that be can get him to release some of that stuff someday.
    Have fun
    David Govett

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    Re: Need advice on Soundtrack Percussion CD

    \"Bob Clairmountain\'s Drums II\" has some wonderful toms, very playable and expressive, and VERY hard hitting, just the kind of sound you want.

    The library as a whole is great and definitely worth the money, in my opinion..



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    Re: Need advice on Soundtrack Percussion CD

    Thanks for the advice guys.
    Dave, I actually do not own Percusive Adventures, but I heard the demo and have been dying to get it. It sounds like a great CD. I wasn\'t aware it had tom hits and stuff, so that makes me even more interested.
    Also regarding Zimmer, \"Perhaps the powers that be\" would let him release any of his libraries one day!

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    Re: Need advice on Soundtrack Percussion CD


    Liquid Drums (Spectrasonics) have a very cool sound. You will find the \"Tomb Raider\" beat there too.


    Scarbee www.scarbee.com

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