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Topic: Good feedback from my commission

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    Good feedback from my commission

    A few weeks ago, I posted an arrangement I had made of a song, as a wedding commission. The singer was very nervous, since it was her first professional work in years. I was somewhat nervous too, since I'm still fairly new to the MIDI and recording game.

    Anyway, I thought I'd let you see the feedback I received. This was an email I received from the singer:
    "I wanted to let you know that [the bride] called a couple of days ago and left a message to thank me for the music at the wedding. She said she wanted to let me 'how much they loved it, it was sooo awesome. People said they were the most beautiful songs they'd ever heard. As a matter of fact it brought a lot of people to tears, even guys.' So.... I think she liked it. Actually, her message brought me to tears. It means so much to be able to move people in that way. It wouldn't have been possible without the beautiful music. So again, many thanks."
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the forum for your patient support in helping me figure out how to use these wonderful tools we have at our disposal. Also, thanks to Gary G for putting these tools within my reach. After so many years, I'm finally able to produce the kind of music I've wanted to.

    I know that this experience gave the singer a huge confidence boost, as did your feedback on the piece, which I shared with her. I know I still have a long way to go, but just wanted to let everyone know how much I value the wisdom and experience you share so freely.


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    Re: Good feedback from my commission

    Hi Owen, It's great to hear that your piece was well received! I remember the song with the vocal and your accompaniment. It's wonderful when music is able to reach someone on a deep emotional level. Thanks for letting us know how it fared. Regards, John

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    Re: Good feedback from my commission

    Jolly good show, Englishman! You deserved the complimentary words. Keep up the fine work, Mr. Owen.

    Toodle Pip,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Good feedback from my commission

    Fantastic news. It is so exciting to get that kind of feedback from one's work.

    Well Done Owen!

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    Re: Good feedback from my commission

    Owen, that is superb news. Your message is the first I'm seeing today - couldn't ask for a more positive tone to start a Monday.

    Thanks much for letting us know about the glowing rave review reaction to your work - I'm only one of many who enjoyed hearing the song when you posted it earlier, so now it's cheering to know that your intended audience was also very taken with the recording.

    Right on!


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    Re: Good feedback from my commission

    John, Larry, Alan and Randy: Thanks for sharing with me in my good news!


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