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Topic: Garritan version 1 and vista

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    Garritan version 1 and vista

    I am changing my older of 2 PCs to a new one. I have Garritan Personal Orchestra. I prefer Version 1 and wish to keep it rather than updating to Version 2. I know that a new PC will have Windows Vista and need to know if GPO version 1 will run with Vista.

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    Re: Garritan version 1 and vista

    Hi Barry.
    Welcome to the board!

    Yes, it will, but there is a trick to make it run properly.

    Make sure that you download and use the latest version of Service Center (v2.2) to authorize GPO. Download it from Native Instruments' website. Do not install or run the service center app (v1) or run the authorization tools that come on the CD.
    Assuming a clean computer devoid of NI stuff, the process is:
    1. Download Service Center app from Nativeinstruments.com
    2. Turn off UAC (optional)
    3. Install GPO1 from CD/DVD
    4. Run Service Center installer that you downloaded
    5. Re-enable UAC (if disabled)


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