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Topic: Malsjmo Demos???

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    Malsjmo Demos???

    Howdy all,
    Does anyone have any independent demos that they have made with Malsjmo?? The demos on Hans site are absolutely phenomenal...just curious to hear what others are doing with the library!!!

    have a good one!!


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    Re: Malsjmo Demos???

    I can send you an mp3 when I return to Canada, of a tune I\'m using the MAG in, but you\'ll have to wait till after Christmas.
    I working in Sweden till then, and have had the opportunity to play a real Malmsjo in a local 16th century church. Great sound for a little upright, or mayne it\'s the reverb in the church! ;o)
    If you\'re sitting on the fence about this library, you won\'t be disappointed. It\'s incredible, and will have you composing new pieces from the first notes.

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    Re: Malsjmo Demos???

    thanks for the encouragement...im quite convinced that MAG NEEDS to be in my collection...just curious to see what others are doing with it...before i buy!



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    Re: Malsjmo Demos???

    J.P. Schwinghamer:

    I\'ve just ordered MAG. If you post your email address I\'ll send you a cue or two when I get it.

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    Re: Malsjmo Demos???

    Hi JPS,

    There is a demo of Hans\' sampled Malmsjö grand piano on my Veridical Sounds sampled piano comparison web site: http://www.btinternet.com/~veridical.sounds/

    However, the demo predates the latest version of the sampled Malmsjö.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Malsjmo Demos???

    Thanks for the link...if anyone wants to email me something...that would be great!!!!




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