As a new owner of a Nord Electro 3, I thought I post something about my impressions in case people are interested.

The main reason I bought the Electro 3 was for the Hammond sound. I have to say that it doesn't disappoint -- the organ emulation is really quite amazing. I have owned 3 Hammond console organs and Leslies over the years as well as a number of clones (Voce V-3, Hammond XB-2, Hammond XK-3, NI B4) and I tend to be fussy. This Nord definitely fits the bill for something very compact that can be run through a PA and will fool everyone in the crowd. Those who have real Hammonds are not going to be impressed with the keyboard (not the greatest -- straight out of the box, it rattles with the slightest horizontal action), drawbars or preset handling, but the sound will probably inspire your playing. That is a pretty strong endorsement, and more than I can say for any of the above clones.

Where this instrument fails to measure up is in the piano end of things. It is a sample payer, so in theory the scope is there for something wonderful. However, they have tried to cram a lot of material into the flash memory, and this has dictated some corner cutting. The electric pianos are not well detailed in their sampling, and so you can hear the sample transitions. Also, there are poor samples on the Wurli that left me cold. However, you can see the potential -- it is getting close, especially if you trigger it with a weighted MIDI controller (I stack the Nord on my Roland RD700 and MIDI them up, using the Nord keyboard just for for clav and Hammond sounds).

My wish list, which I sent to Nord, is for them to either (a) provide more detailed instruments for the e-pianos and/or (b) expand their editing software to allow end user control over the piano libraries. That way we could build or import our own. If they did that, this would be, hands down, the best little keyboard on the planet. If you get a chance to try one, give it a go. There are also some great demos on YouTube.