SIB 2.5.2 KP2 and Garritan Personal Orchestra (later purchased separately, so I can use not only the "essential" sounds included in SIB 5.2.5) KP2 plays via M Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 soundboard installed later

I have in a violin solo a slurred staccato sixteenth triplet in the first and third beat of each measure (Time sign 4/4) to be played springing upbow and sound - as we used to call it - rolling pearls. In replay it does not sound that at all, rather with the preceding eight note together as a somewhat mushy quarter note. I tried staccato, spiccato, removed the tie, write as thirtysecond notes followed by thirtysecond pauses, you name it. Just does not work.

Then I tried using other Playback Devices. And MIDI Synth's (like Creative SB Live! and Microsoft GS Wavetable SW) play the slurred staccato very well (via the original Creative SB Live! Value board). But then I loose the better sound of GPO with KP2.

Therefore, I feel that KP2 does not recognize the slurred (or not slurred) sixteenth staccato triplet. I tried Tempo quarter=112 as the original and slower tempos (down to quarter=60) but same problem.

Dell Dimension 8300 3 Ghz, 2 GB mem, plenty of space on two HDs. I still have to original soundboard SB Live! and installed M-Audio Audiophile 2496 as well.

Could I send a sample to you (four measures, 4/4 solo)?