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Topic: Five Works

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    Five Works

    Hi, I've redone my website so it will stream my music properly now.
    I would appreciate feedback on my five pieces. Thank you.

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    Re: Five Works

    Hi Joshua! I remember these from a previous listen. I enjoyed the symphonic sketches w/ the harpsichord and also the next piece, the harp study. The third piece seems to be drenched in reverb, you might want to look at those settings, especially for the piano.
    The piano study sounds pretty mechanical and quantised IMO.

    The rules of the listening room ask that we post one piece at a time and wait until it moves off the first page before adding another. There may be members who will not listen or comment to your work because of the multiple pieces.

    Your webpage and the player functioned well for me. Thanks for the opportunity to hear these again! John

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    Re: Five Works

    Thanks a lot John.

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