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Topic: OT -Women... we need them, but....

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    OT -Women... we need them, but....

    last Sunday my wife and I went to church walking in the sun, early in the morning. Half way, she sprained her ankle, at least we both thought so. Monday, after some investigation, it seemed broken. Here we go again, weeks and weeks immobile, Raymond doing all household things. Bringing breakfast, coffee, orange juice, vitamines, lunch and diner, cleaning, ........ what a life!


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    Re: OT -Women... we need them, but....

    Sorry to hear that Raymond, hang in there, someday you might need her to take care of you. I've been on both sides of it, you don't want to find yourself helpless someday and have her say, "remember when I was sick and you had to take care of me?"

    Besides, you've got way too much to do to be on the internet!!!!!

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    Re: OT -Women... we need them, but....

    I see new gear in your future.

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    Re: OT -Women... we need them, but....

    Quote Originally Posted by linwood View Post
    I see new gear in your future.

    Definitely this:


    and this


    They match Sonar 8 quite well.


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    Re: OT -Women... we need them, but....

    Wow, what a bummer Raymond! I hope she gets well soon and is not in pain. My prayers for healing and comfort... for both of you.


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