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Topic: Multiple Computers

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    Multiple Computers

    Forgive the simple question plz, but I\'d rather find out this answer before I spend money on potentially unecessary equipment...

    I recently replaced my old comp with a new p4, but am rebuilding the older one to run Cubase and handle all the sequencing for the more powerful sampling machine. The one issue I\'m not sure about is how the multiple midi ports will be communicated. I\'ve been looking into USB midi boxes (4x4)\'s and was considering buying one for each machine, but I don\'t know if that is necessary. If its possible, I\'d like to just use the midi ports on the SBLive cards (using Delta44 for audio), but will that only communicate 16 channels on only one port at a time between machines? Or is my understanding of this all wrong.

    I\'m used to having sequencing and sampling done in one domain, so I could just assign whichever port and whatever channel however I wanted it. But now I have no idea how they will talk to eachother. If anyone could give me a midi 101 insight I\'d humbly appreciate it. And, does anyone else here use multiple machines? If so, are there any inherent probs I should watch out for in advance?


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    Re: Multiple Computers

    Hey Mike, I\'m afraid you guessed right.

    Gst can accept 4 lots of 16 channels, when the SB Live can only accomodate 1 of those 4.

    I\'ve seen talk about midivianet and a few other non-hardware approaches designe to save money, but haven\'t read about anything which works well yet.

    I\'m afraid that if you want 64 midi channels you\'ll need 4 midi ports INTO the Gst PC, and those will have to be fed from 4 midi ports OUT of the other PC.

    That\'s lots of hardware, but I don\'t think there is any other option.


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    Re: Multiple Computers

    Is the old machine doing the recording as well? I assume you have the Delta in the old PC? Just look at the new \"sampler\" PC as a stand alone synth, and hook it up like you would normally do with any other synth. Run midi out from it into the SB on the older machine, and audio from it into the Delta\'s inputs. What kind of audio card is in the new PC?

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    Re: Multiple Computers

    Thanks for the input... I was really hoping I was wrong, lol. Guess I\'ll be picking up a couple of midi boxes, which\'ll be a pain (When deciding which new libraries I was going to get myself for christmas I hadn\'t figured an extra $300 for midi I/O) LAN midi sounds interesting tho, and I will be checking into that.

    As far as how I\'ll divide the workload between machines: The PII will sequence (for now using only a SBcard) and the P4 will act as the sampler (generating using a Delta card). When I record, I just use Giga\'s render feature soloing track for track, so it all stays on the P4. Which is good, since it is the stronger machine by far, and will be what I use to mix and add FX etc in Vegas with.

    I guess for now, since I\'ll only be limited to one port, I\'ll just have to arrange more carefully. When I run out of channels, I\'ll just find segments of the piece that are close to being right, mix them down to one .wav file and have the PII play it in the appropriate measures adding it in through the mixer. Since I render all the tracks individually anyway, it should work well enough for now. I\'m sure the levels will be totally wrong part for part, but I\'ll do my best to \"fix it in the mix\" later.

    Thanks for the advice

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    Re: Multiple Computers

    Also keep in mind that GigaStudio is now WinXP compatible. What is nice about that is that XP aparently has some very nice remote control via network features. This will save needing a flaky KVM switch box (More $$ and aggrivating to use sometimes) It is like PC anywhere or timbuk 3 but the remote software in XP is more intimate with the windows machines and software. Instead of redrawing the screens, the software instead comunicates directly with the remote machines and the graphics are buffered or synched up somehow. So basically , instead of redrawing the whole screen when you slide a view accross the screen, the XP software will already have the info from the remote screen stored on the master computer and only have to keep up with mouse movements and keystrokes through the network. This will make for internet remote sessions also that don\'t have to send all the graphics through the net, just the movements. Something like that anyway. And it\'s built into the windows system. This would help control a network of as many machines as you have but much cheaper and better.
    Have fun
    David Govett

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    Re: Multiple Computers

    Hey Mike,

    I would do it the other way around. Run Cubase on the new machine (the P4) and save your tracks as audio there. Run GSt on the PII and put your samples there. When you get to 16 channels (or less) record them into the P4 system as audio then you won\'t need that sound anymore on the GSt machine and you\'ll be able to free up channels for new sounds. Eventually you\'ll have a whole bunch of audio on the P4 and you\'ll just be mixing the tracks. A P4 system should be able to mix at least 32 tracks of audio with a bunch of effects. If you run out of processing power do submixes.

    BTW, anytime you decide you don\'t like the performance of a particular instrument you delete the audio and do it over. No big deal. The PII system is not going to be much for audio, the P4 will make a very capable digital audio workstation. The PII will be fine for 8 tracks of GSt, maybe even 16 if you have small samples and plenty of RAM.

    Think about it.


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    Re: Multiple Computers

    I know what you mean. I just ordered myself the upgrade to Cubase VST32 from 24. I\'m hoping the new dongle doesn\'t kill the midi output from my parallel port like it did after my last upgrade, otherwise I\'m going to have to invest in a USB midi I/F to get around it, which is another $200 I was hoping to spend on a nice Giga bass library.
    Things can always be worse of course.

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    Re: Multiple Computers

    Thanks Dave,

    This could be a real money and desktop saver for those considering separate PC\'s for Gst and sequencer!

    Peter Roos (NL)

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    Re: Multiple Computers

    > XP aparently has some very nice remote control via network features


    Is there a source of more info on this? Do both machines need to be running XP?

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    Re: Multiple Computers

    The host machine must be running XP Pro. The client (controlling) machine can even be a Win95 (or up) client. XP install CD seems to contain the client software for multiple Windows versions.

    Do you already have hands-on experience (XP) with this feature? Would it be possible (and reliable) to boot a separate Gst PC without mouse, kbd and monitor this way, doing any subsequent interaction via this remote desktop system?


    Peter Roos

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