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Topic: Back from Boston

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    Back from Boston

    Hi all!

    I just returned from a couple days in Beantown but did not see any beans. Aren't they supposed to be out this time of year?

    Monday I had some meetings. One with an innovative company we hope to be doing some kewl things in the future (stay tuned). And also met with some Berklee faculty.

    Monday afternoon was the Berklee Board of Advisers meeting. There were some fascinating new members who recently joined the Board. It was so good to learn that despite all the tough economic news Berklee is going quite well. Applications are up this year and enrollment is steady. Berklee has just purchased more property adjoining its facilities for expansion.

    At the board meeting, David Kuskek, author of "The Future of Music" spoke. Much of what David wrote has come to pass. Highly recommended reading. David spoke on what is going on in the music industry and trends overall. We're going from CDs to downloads, TV to YouTube, newspapers to blogs, telephone to cellphone, post office to email/IM, etc. These shifts represent opportunities for the musician. Monster.com founder Jeff Taylor also spoke and then there was a panel discussion. Very fascinating talk. This was followed by a dinner and short concert by Berklee alumni Hillary McRae (you may have seen her CDs in Starbucks. http://www.hilarymcrae.com/ ) I also saw Markleford Monday evening and it was good to catch up with him.

    Yesterday I spoke to a few classes about a host of topics - emerging music technologies, the Giga purchase, economics, orchestration, etc. It is always enjoyable meeting new students.

    I also had a meeting with Cakewalk and we discussed the SFZ 3.0 spec and possibly how the giga format will relate. We have formed a working group and will keep you updated.

    And that's it. It was a short trip but a great deal was accomplished. The weather in Boston was cool and pouring rain. It's good to be back on sunny Orcas Island.


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    Re: Back from Boston

    Boston is a great town. What you were in wasn't rain, it was bean soup. You have to live there for more than five years to tell the difference.

    I can't believe how Berklee has grown since the 60s when I was there. It was just one little 3-story building on Newberry Street. I really think that it is the kudzu of music schools slowly consuming the Back Bay in its entirety.

    Glad your trip was worthwhile.


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    Re: Back from Boston

    I have eaten their baked beans and they are the best.

    I have never been to Boston, but would love to visit with enough time to see the historical sites, as well as Berklee.

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    Re: Back from Boston

    no wonder Berklee school of Music is in Boston

    bean beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you....


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    Re: Back from Boston


    (Sorry, it rhymed. I couldn't resist. )

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    Re: Back from Boston

    speaking of tooting....

    watch this... Altiverb and the GPO contrabassoon meet...
    05 is my personal favorite


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    Re: Back from Boston

    The heck with all that Jive Cosmic Debris where's the cream pie?

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