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Topic: Which to Download and Install?

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    Which to Download and Install?

    I just purchase the downloadable Basic version of the Authorized Steinway and I'm looking at the download page - I'm not sure what to do here....

    It seems like the directions are telling me to download ver. 1.02 *first*, install, then download ver. 1.03 and install that as well, but that seems sort of odd....

    I'm a bit afraid that if I download the wrong item, I then won't be allowed to download the *right* item....

    Anyone know what is the proper protocol?


    Russ Letson

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    Re: Which to Download and Install?

    yes, install 1.02 first, then update to 1.03

    Have fun!
    I hope you don't have to work tomorrow

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    Re: Which to Download and Install?



    Before your reply, I couldn't help myself and began DLing 1.02 first. Then I DLed 1.03, and by virtue of it's small size, it became evident that it's a patch.

    Usually, one can tell file size by hovering over a link, but not in this case.

    Excited? You bet I am!

    Work tomorrow?

    Sure - after they pry my cold, dead fingers from my keyboard.....

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    Re: Which to Download and Install?

    Well....not up all night enjoying the instrument.....more like up all night trying to figure out why I don't hear anything.....

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    Re: Which to Download and Install?

    When you use the freestanding versions, please do the preferences first setting the soundcard system. It is under TOOLS.


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