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Topic: Adler's Study of Orchestration

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    Adler's Study of Orchestration

    Hi all, I've been recently looking into getting my hands on this book which comes highly recommended by many of you. I found it on Amazon the other day, along with the workbook, but here's my question: Does the book come with the recorded CD examples, as many textbooks nowadays include multimedia? I've been looking around, and so far, haven't been able to locate anything extra that's called "recordings to go with..." loke my theory textbook has. Please fill me in if you know anything about this. Thanks.


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    Re: Adler's Study of Orchestration

    The book, usually, comes with the CDs. I bought the 2nd edition years and years ago from a village in Greece (!!!) where they only had the book, and was around $100 back then (in Greek money). If I wanted the CDs I would have to pay much much more.

    I would imagine that Amazon would mention anything, but since the book goes along with examples, they should come with the book.

    *NOT SURE THOUGH* don't take my post into too much account! Just thinking out loud here!

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    Re: Adler's Study of Orchestration

    nks very much! For some reason, my search didn't turn up that item. I'll wait until I get the book, but I don't think that the book comes with CDs because there was nothing about it in the description. Also, my music theory textbook (Piper's Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis) was a set with a book, a workbook, CDs and an anthology of scores for study. Do you know if there is such a thing as an anthology of scores for study that comes with Adler's Study of Orchestration? Just curious. Thanks again for the link to the CDs. Gosh they sure are expensive. I don't know if I'll actually get them or not. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Adler's Study of Orchestration

    Hi again,

    Just wanted to say Thanks for the advice once more. I've since gotten the book and the CDs to go with it, and am really enjoying delving into all the details of how the different instruments play, and how to convey what you want from them in notation. That is really what I feel I need before studying overall "orchestration" or "scoring". It's all so fascinating and thrilling.

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    Re: Adler's Study of Orchestration

    The text frequently suggests additional scores relevant to a given topic to point you in the right direction to see things 'in action', but I don't know of any published collection of these other referenced scores.


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    Re: Adler's Study of Orchestration


    IMHO, those CD will be really more useful if they contain additionally complete works of the examples. As an starter, I would try to notate the examples myself and turn on and off different combinations to real hear and feel the orchestration. It won't take that long of course if you now what you are doing!

    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Adlers Study of Orchestration

    Im interested to know where people put MooD Business Orchestration in their SOA Stack?

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