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Topic: VOA Pointers

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    VOA Pointers


    I just finished my first project using VOA. Granted, there is a learning curve with all new samples - some more than others. I spent about 4 hours assembling the choir samples into 30 seconds of semi-lyric\'d phrases. I feel I\'ve achieved some success, but I\'m still tweaking a few parts.

    How have you been joining consonants and vowels? I\'ve had particular difficulty balancing instances of S and multiple consonants (i.e. gr, nt, etc). I understand that consonants generally sound less clearly than vowels. Can you offer some relative levels? How far forward do you pull the consonants for intelligibility? Do you just layer them on top of the vowel downbeats? That sounded too messy to me.

    Overall, you\'ve done a great job! The sound quality is excellent with the exception of a few hi freq artifacts that are extremely easy to eq out. Even without the word assembly feature, the choirs are outstanding and, I think, complement my other choir libraries beautifully.

    Admittedly, my first implementation of the library was very ambitious (30 secs, 19 words, in italian). In a time crunch situation, I could probably fall back on vowels and one or two consonants just for the effect - I\'ve had particular success with R. Now, if I could just get the S to sit right........

    Thanks for your work and your help.

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    Re: VOA Pointers


    Could you post or emial an MP3 of your work with, VotA?


    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: VOA Pointers

    Thanks for the first impressions. Filtering out low end and adding verb to the consonants helps. The peak of the consonants varies so you have to slide them around a bit and tweak individual volumes. Generally, its better to place them slightly ahead of the downbeat. If you want to smear the consonants more, you can use 2 tracks and copy your consonant track to another track that uses a different keyswitch and offset its timing slightly. Also pay attention to the lengths of the consonants.

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    Re: VOA Pointers

    Hey notejockey,
    Could you email me your demo as well? I\'m interested in hearing VOtA. Size is no issue, I have cable.

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    Re: VOA Pointers

    6meg is cool. Thanx


    home address

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    Re: VOA Pointers

    Hi notejockey,

    Could you email me the file as well?



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    Re: VOA Pointers

    I\'m interested too - wkcl@pacbell.net


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    Re: VOA Pointers

    Me too, me too!


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    Re: VOA Pointers


    I\'d be happy to e-mail you the file. Can you handle a six meg attachment? Or, what would you suggest I use to rip an MP3 (OS8.6)?

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    Re: VOA Pointers

    Me too, me too, me too!


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