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Topic: Native Voices

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    Native Voices

    I don't usually start threads just to give praise, but I just downloaded BelaD's Native Voices and couldn't help it. It sounds absolutely stunning, and the library of phrases is just huge. Not only that but the price was very spouse-friendly. Everyone should check it out!

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    Re: Native Voices

    Wow that does sound great. And the price is right.

    "Voices" with "passion" that will run on my sys. It was just a matter of time before someone recognized the opportunity to create just such a package.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    And thanks, Bela D.

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    Re: Native Voices

    I agree with Pingu 100%..It is really a great libraryMany thanx Francis for your great work.


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    Re: Native Voices


    Can you please comment on the playability of the library? What does the fact that it isn't chromatically sampled limit you in? How does it compares to the other Vocal Tool library?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I have been confused about the fact that the libary only contains vocal phrases in a few keys since I own and really like the previous vocal libraries I was scared to not find the same playability.


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    Re: Native Voices

    I haven't really explored deeply enough to comment yet, and I'd hate to make the product sound more limited than it is.

    Every phrase has been sliced so that you can use just parts of it, as well as independently editing attack/release, etc for individual slices. There are also speed programs, which load into RAM and take advantage of Kontakt's Time Machine, so that you can use a CC to alter the tempo of a phrase on the fly.

    Have a look at the user manual - it's easily accessible through the product page for the library, and explains everything a lot better than I can.

    For those who aren't all about instant playability I can imagine this library and something like Melodyne being a formidable combination.

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    Re: Native Voices

    Though it has been explained on another thread, allow me to see if I cannot help to explain the difference between Native Voice VTPC and Vocal Tools Soprano/Tenor products.

    One point I wish to make up front - as the users guide explains, the data was recorded before it was to become a Bela D Media product. The producer behind the data is creating new product for the company but had some great vocal phrases already sampled. VTPC was the result in making the traditional phrase product a far cry better then what has already been done. Without giving anything away, you can expect more VT style products in the very near future. The chromatic type!

    Since Native Voice is not chromatically sampled, this means that you will not have the same phrase sung on each note of the singers scale. Just like many other phrase vocal libraries, Native Voice works with single sampled phrases but Bela D Media's VTPC offers a great deal more as far as composer control. For a basic comparison, in the VT powered libraries (Tenor and Soprano) you have "ah-nah-zoe" on every note of the singers scale. With Native Voice you have a phrase ("hai-ahn-nah" for example) on a single key. Some phrase elements like that of "hai", "ah" etc. are fairly common. You may encounter them in more than one key. You may not have the need to export to Melodyne. On the subject of Melodyne, anything beyond a whole step is going to sound faked. Please keep that in mind.

    The best bet is to indeed download the users guide and take some time to study it. It will explain everything in great detail. Above all - trust your ears and consider the small price tag for some amazing vocal cue add-ons to your work. I am sure your clients will love you for it ;-)
    Gábor Valasek
    Scripting Team
    Bela D Media.com

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    Re: Native Voices

    Thanks, for the info, I might just wait for that "very near future" product then.


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