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Topic: Short Samples (Quite Realistic)

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    Short Samples (Quite Realistic)

    I worked hard to get these sounding real. Let me know what you think.


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    Re: Short Samples (Quite Realistic)

    Theme I - the brass patches betray the realism of the piece - try using solo instruments instead of the sectional sounds. The reverb on your bass/taiko drum separates it from the space of the rest of the orchestra, same with the brass tails at the end. Use less reverb, more decrescendo. Your strings are fairly dry sounding but these are both pretty wet.

    Theme III - Try adding some dynamic swells to the first few notes across the orchestra. It will help pull the listener into the piece. Right now it sounds like pads on a keyboard. Same issues with the brass patches as before but here because of how the overtones stack on your string pads, the whole thing steps into pipe organ territory. You could also bring the French Horn and woodwinds up in the mix at the beginning.

    The snare drum roll that starts at :37 sounds off. There is too much body to the sound. At that level you would naturally hear more snare than resonance. You may do better here by substituting timpani instead. You are limited here by the patch itself, so if the drum is going you have more body anyway, then go with it. The pitch on the timpani will also help fortify the chord structure as well allowing for a different instrument mix. (always try to leave yourself options) Also there is not enough variation in the roll's stroke pattern, so it sounds kind of machine gunny. -

    From a compositional standpoint, the roll ends rather abruptly. The whole rest of the sound texture is a nice smooth connected piece and the way this roll ends is an oddity in this context. If you meant to do this, then great! If you didn't intend for that to stick out and wanted the percussion to add drama and dynamic climax, then you may want to add a cymbal crash or a gong strike when it ends, or continue it with a natural decrescendo.

    Remember that brass are also wind instruments and have to breathe - they can not play huge legato lines like this without interruption. Build breaks into that sound. Even if staggering breathing in a section, there will still be elements that come in and out of the sound when they grab a quick breath. Again, the solo instruments may help here. Playing with the dynamics on each player's line will also go a loooong way in adding more realism to your piece(s).

    Theme V - This sounded the most real to me. The space you left in the sound canvas lends itself more realistically to a group of individuals playing a piece rather than a guy playing a keyboard. Also you had an appropriate and consistent use of reverb on this one which helped connect all of the instruments in one place and time.

    I read your bio on myspace and liked that you are shooting for a conveyance of emotion with your work. Too many people I think miss the "message" in their music. So as a quick gut check if I were to rename your themes with descriptive/emotive titles, this is how it might go. You may later ask yourself, is this the message I wanted to convey?

    Theme I = "Villain plotting revenge and the idea fully forming in his head." ("Muah haa haa haa haaaaa" comes to mind. You chickened out at the end though! This could have ended bigger and higher in pitch.)

    Theme III= Hero's loss and resolution. (To that end I would like to have heard a solid major chord at :50 instead of the dissonance in that chord. I like my heroes to be decided and mentally tough. The dissonance indicates our hero is conflicted with his duty. Is this what you wanted to say? Two very different emotions with the change of a single chord. This is what I meant earlier about leaving yourself options. Nice!)

    Theme V= Sting operation. (At first I thought more of an espionage/sneaky kind of mood, but this is bigger than that. The operation is still covert, but much more bold and forthright than a single spy stealing a file. It evokes images of an Ocean's 11 team at first but then moves to a special forces extraction team. Hard to pin this one down to a specific emotion)

    These are all just my interpretations of your works. Other's opinions may vary.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Short Samples (Quite Realistic)

    thank you very much for your response. I don't think I could have paid for one better. I am at work with a film so these samples were just quick (almost impulsed) 60 second works to show. I am waiting to go full throttle for the ARIA engine as I don't want to have to be in the middle of my works when the release comes out. (I have not yet decided if that is foolish or not.) again, thanks for your comments and suggestions. I will take them seriously.

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