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Topic: Proportional Sustain Doesn't Work!

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    Proportional Sustain Doesn't Work!

    The Garritan Authorized Steinway (basic) proportional sustain does not work. It's either full on or full off. There is NO IN BETWEEN! Could it be that the basic software does not include this feature?

    The sustain pedal will not release at the end of a composition. It causes the file to continue "ringing" long after the file has completed in spite of a zero (off) setting for the sustain (CC64) and also a zero setting for CC07 and CC01.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Proportional Sustain Doesn't Work!

    Hi Larry, I'm using the Pro Steinway version so I probably can't duplicate the problems you are having. There was a quote from Jeff Hurchalla in another thread that stated proportional pedaling wasn't fully implemented in the Basic version.
    The proportional pedal does function somewhat right now, but the original implementation doesn't address some of the most important things about proportional pedaling, and so it's something I've been working on fixing, probably for v1.05.
    I was wondering if the notes ringing on after stopping could be due to a setting in Sonar. If you go to the menu at the top and click "Options>Project Options>MIDI Out tab," down under "Other Options" is the "zero controllers when playback stops" button checked or unchecked? You might want to try your project file with that button each way and see if that makes a difference when you stop playback. I hope all your problems with the Steinway will get addressed and answered soon.

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    Re: Proportional Sustain Doesn't Work!

    Thank you for the info and suggestions, Mr. John. It is appreciated.

    My Best,
    Larry G. Alexander

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