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Topic: [ashamed to ask]Someone to render a Finale file for me?

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    [ashamed to ask]Someone to render a Finale file for me?


    I'm actually rather ashamed to ask, but my lack of time has gotten the better of me.

    I have a chamber orchestra piece, for 16 players (or around that, anyways), and I have the Finale score (Finale 2009) ready. Articulations, legato slurs, tempo markings, dynamics, everything noted down.

    ONLY THAT I have never actually used Finale to create a recording, so they might not be set to set off playback features.

    So I was wondering, how difficult would it be for one of you to get the file and make me a WAV file out of it (or a good quality mp3 will do really)? If it's too hard, I wouldn't like to bother you really, since I can't pay you for your efforts. But if you could do it in a few hours work, maybe it would help me?

    I could make it work inside Cubase, but with my normal method it would take me a week to finish! So I'm looking to save some time and get a recording as well.

    Any offerings will be greatly appreciated as you can understand.


    A few words for the work. It's in 5 movements, a short-ish suite based in 5 illustrations by an artist friend Rebecca Clements (otherwise known as "Kinoko"). A contemporary challenging piece, but by no means NOT atonal, it should be quite nice to be heard! heh


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    Re: [ashamed to ask]Someone to render a Finale file for me?

    It is not that hard to do. I have done it many times. If you get no other offers, I would be glad to help you out!
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    Re: [ashamed to ask]Someone to render a Finale file for me?

    Niko, you can always send it to me.
    I am tight for time these days, with the music festival coming up so soon, but if it's not complicated I can certainly do a rendering for you.

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