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Topic: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

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    Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    I\'ve already gotten slammed for bringing this up, so I\'m going to start out by saying clearly: I am NOT advocating pirating samples. I\'m not looking to infringe on anyone\'s copyright. I\'m looking at the fact that I can buy sample libraries for some other machines, like the Akai and Roland, sometimes significantly cheaper than the quality GS libraries. I can go to eBay and bid on brand new, unopened libraries from music store vendors, with a license, for sometimes a tenth of the cost of an equivalent GS disk. I have NO plans to purchase a USED library and violate the license, OK?

    OK? (whew!)

    Now, what I want to know is: CDXtract and/or Rubber Chicken can convert these sets to GS-format, but - is it worth it?

    Is anybody using converted Akai or Roland libraries and happy with the results?



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    Re: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    Depends on the library. Some libraries wave significant differences in Native Giga format, as well as Giga only features/samples.

    Some libraries are just the same in any format.

    I still dont trust many Ebay \"vendors\" many of these guys might be piraters in disguise, but if you can confirm they are legit. then by all means..save yourself some money on their clearance items.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    Personnally I never got Rubber Chicken to work. Having worked with Akai and Giga, I do think that Giga libraries are worth the extra money, especially if you work with symphonic music.

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    Re: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    Thank you, Garth-this is exactly what I was hoping to hear.

    I think it\'s fairly obvious that a library optimized for GS will generally be superior to one designed for simpler (or just different) samplers, and if I were trying to do symphonic work, I would be forced to spend the big bucks for those wonderful Garritan libraries.

    But my needs are simpler. I am mainly interested in jazz, pop, funk, fusion and R&B-style tracks, and orchestral accuracy is not as important as it is for the more serious work.

    If I can find \'reasonable\', i.e., better than my Kurz 2500 and Roland XP-80, sample sets, I\'ll be happy.

    And your suggestion about SampleCell is much appreciated, Garth. That\'s possibly the answer to my GS-infected dreams.

    And King-I agree on both counts, we have to be on the lookout for pirates, but there are some legit dealers out there. And the non-GS libraries are not going to be up to the standard of the best of GS.

    But at least (unless I hear different from a significant number of the group here) it appears that the \'alternatively-formatted\' libraries can be useful.


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    Re: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    I bought the Mellotron CD-ROM (from Mellotron.com) before I even had a sampler. It was one of the things that inspired me to get into samplers (and NOW look where it\'s gotten me )

    It was in Akai format, and the first thing I did when I turned on my Gigastudio system was use the S-Converter to bring it in. It sounded okay, but not quite what I expected. I wasn\'t too thrilled.

    Then I heard the Mike Pinder Mellotron demo that came with GS and realized that something was wrong (Mike Pinder is the creator of the Mellotron CD-ROM), but I didn\'t deal with it right away.

    After a couple weeks of courting my new GS system I finally got up the nerve to start poking around a little more. Last week I realized that for some reason all of the Mellotron samples had been converted with the Unity Note set one octave too low, so all the samples were playing back at 2x speed. So... after many hours of changing the unity note for each region of each sample I am now happily amazed at the sound of this library. I\'ve always loved these sounds on records produced by Mitchell Froom and Jon Brion, and now I can call them up.

    That Akai library was a great buy for my taste.

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    Re: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    I have been purchasing clearance soundware CDs from East-West over the last year. The clearance CDs usually run from $19 to $50, with list prices of $200 to $300. Of course, it is only a good deal if they translate to GigaStudio format and sound good. These cheap libraries from East-West (and other sources) may be in sample/cell, roland, akai, etc. Therefore, I use Chichen Systems Translator to convert them to GIGA format. Sometimes the translation is flawless (akai usually converts without glitch); for some formats, Chicken systems won\'t even read the disk.

    The good thing about Chicken Systems is that they will get right on a translation problem and solve it. Although it has taken several months of work on their part for one or two of my CDs, Chicken Systems people have continually improved their product so that I have very good translations that work in my GigaStudio.

    The reason some of these CDs are on clearance at East-West and other places is because they are in a format that is not selling, they are out of style, or they are not up to today\'s standards in some way. Nevertheless, for a fifth to a tenth of the original price, if I find a few instruments that are useful on a purchase, it was worth the price.

    This bargain shopping is made possible by the Chicken Systems Translators.

    Garth, keep up the good work!


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    Re: Value of cross-platform samples (2nd try)

    The problem must be local to you; the program has thousands of users and works well.

    As for the first question - native libraries are almost always better. Garritan\'s libraries, which are the only native Giga ensemble string library, take advantage of the things that Giga can specifically do.

    Even so, though, non-native libraries are very capable too, such as Kirk Hunter and others. You are talking about the difference between really good and really really good.

    Translating gives you the ability to get all types of sounds - at all types of prices. Sometimes you need that $1000 library - sometimes you just need the Roland Orchestral Vol. 1.

    East-West have been giving great prices on the SampleCell CD\'s. $50 and less. These are a great value to get a bunch of these and translate them to Giga.

    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems Customer Support
    Home of \"Translator\"

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