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Topic: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

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    Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    I know we been through this before but maybe it's about that time again. I always like to read opinions on new (and old) products.

    Is there anything you bought lately that you wonder how you did without it? Anything else that has been the "Whoops, Wish I hadn't of spent good money on that"


    VSL SE and Extended, Appasionatta Strings Standard and Extended, Sonic Synth 2 (at $99), Omnisphere (wish I had more horse power to use it more), Atmosphere (my #1 go to synth), Stylus RMX, EW Gold Pro XP, FM7 and 8, Kontakt 3 (the bundled lib is great), Bela D's Spiritual Winds, Stormdrum 1, Cubase (worth every penny)

    I wish I had my money back:

    Hardcore Bass, Kore 2 hardware (sort of on the fence with this thing), Artist Drums, Burning Grooves and Back Beat expansions for RMX, Claustophobia expansion for EZ Drummer, Vapor.

    Stuff I want to buy:

    Symphobia, Anything else VSL, Bela D's Native voices, Roland Soniccel (hardware synth), a Steve Vai Bad Horsie guitar, and world peace... (not in that order)

    Anybody else?

    Hmmm, I guess I've been pretty lucky after looking at the lists. Haven't wasted too much money.
    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Budleigh Salterton

    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    I am most impressed with the Dave Smith Prophet 08 and the Lexicon PCM 96 - and also Quested VS2108 monitors.

    I want to purchase VSL's Vienna Suite asap.

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    Well, over the years I've kind of got there by a series of really expensive blunders and errors, but of late I'm doing OK. In the last few months:-

    Echo Layla Audio Interface; AKAI EWI-USB; Garritan Steinway; Soniccouture Gamelan, Guzheng, Bowed Piano, Hang Drum; Tonehammer Propanium (to be fair, I got that one for free!), Anti-Drum 1 & 2, Rust, Hang Drum, Waterphone; BelaDMedia Native Voices, Giovanni, Anthology 1 & 2; VSL Special Keyboards, Vienna Ensemble; Orange Tree Pear, Core Bass Slapped and Picked; Chinee Kong GuanZi; Mr-T Sax; Chris Hein Tenor Sax

    Hopefully I'm also going to love my new Acoustic Energy AE22 monitors, just as soon as they arrive.

    Want My Money Back:-
    Nothing really. I'm not too happy about my Auralex foam. It does the job, but I've now discovered how much better Rockwool does the job, so I'm really wishing I hadn't glued the Auralex in place

    Want to Buy:-
    A great set of speaker stands; china cones; Tonehammer Francesca; GOS2; BelaD The Crypt (don't think it's ever going to happen though)

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    Happy Purchases
    Overture 4
    Garritan PO
    Harmony Assistant
    Want to Try
    VSL's Vienna Suite
    Windows XP-SP2, IE7, ARIA GPO4, GPO KP2, Kontakt 3, NOTION 3, Amplitube X-GEAR, Overture 4.1, Harmony Assistant 9.5.1e, Virtual Singer, Gold SoundBase 2, OMeR 2.2, PDF to Music 1.2.1d, Miroslav Philharmonik, Sample Tank 2SE, Audacity, MuseScore 0.9.6

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases


    Fruity Loops XXL-once you get under the hood, its impressive.
    Echo Mia-Still going strong.
    Terratec EWX2496-No longer made, reliable as I use it in my now DAW machine.
    KH DIamond upgrade- a library to match my budget.

    I wish I had my money back:

    Gigastudio 4-the only stinker of GS. Dropped after it's released. No more Tascam stuff with my money.

    Want to Buy:

    PRS Mira or CE 22, affordable alto flute, trombone with F attachment. RME 9632

    What I need is contentment. I have a lot of stuff on my hard drive that I need to mess with.

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    Glad I bought:

    All my VSL libraries (so far: Chamber Strings I, Harps, Glass and Stones, Soprano Choir)
    Westgate flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn
    Garritan GPO, CMB, JABB, Authorized Steinway, Solo Strad and Gofriller

    Want to buy:

    Everything else VSL makes!
    GOS 2 and GPO 4
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    Happy with:
    Kirk Hunter Diamond
    Kontakt 3
    SOV (back in the day)

    Want my money back:
    Sonar PE

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    I shall contain it to the last year.

    Good purchases:

    Echo Audiofire 8 - Cubase 4 (well....) -Various VSL libs - VSL Vienna Suite - Waves Api - BFD2 - Tonehammer Epic Toms, Bamboo Ensemble, Anti-drum, Rust - Cinesamples Drums of war, Cinetoms. - String Essentials -
    Bela D The Tenor - Impact Soundworks Impact Steel - KH Diamond -
    Korg Nanopad, nanocontrol.

    Pointless purchases: (just didn`t need them and never use them)

    Line 6 Pod version: something. (yawn) - A bunch of boss pedals. (even more yawn) - Westgate Flutes, Bassoons, french horns -
    Project Sam Harp - Tonehammer kalimba, Frendo, Cylindrum -
    Ez Drummer.

    Want to buy:
    Dave smith Prophet 08, PolyEvolver, Mopho.
    Waldorf Blofeld, largo.
    VSl Appassionata strings.
    LA Scoring Strings.
    A real bassoon

    All time lousy buy: 2x Akai fully expanded z8`s. what a miss...
    All time great buy: The Ibanez UB-777 7 Str.

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    I haven't bought that much different stuff recently, but here's what I've got:

    Great buy:
    All the Wallander Products I own, Sample Logic's Waterharp (I think I'm getting synergy soon), Nine Volt Audio's Taiko, All the Garritan Products I own, Axiom 61 Keyboard Controller, Logic Studio

    Not so great:
    I haven't got too much that I don't like. If I had to pick something it would have to be Vir2Instrument's Elite Orchestral Percussion. I think it's an ok library and has a lot of choices, but I find myself using other libraries most of the time. I do like some of the gongs though.

    Want to have:
    A room big enough for a real studio for starters! I'm in college right now and a dorm room is not that great for my studio.
    In terms of gear, I want real monitor speakers, faster and more powerful computer, etc, etc. For libraries I want more sample logic products, more Wallander products, Garritan's GOS2, GPO4 (and probably most of the other projects they're working on), Project Sam True Strike, and I might check out some of the tonehammer stuff, specifically along the lines of epic toms, etc.

    There are other things I want too, but that's enough to go on for now.

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    Re: Happy Purchases, Sad Purchases

    Only thing I want my money back for is the VSL Concert Guitar, the samples are fantastic, but the Kontakt patches are absolutely horrible. If I want to spend literally hours to make a 16 bar guitar loop sound realistic, I'll head right to my copy of the VSL Concert Guitar, so far though, I havent had that desire.

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