The Hardy Virtual Organ is a free complete library of theatre pipe organ
GigaStudio compatible pipe and percussion samples. They are a great addition to compliment Jim Henry’s marvelous MidiTzer 216 and 260SP virtual theatre pipe organs. HVO can also be used with jOrgan or a real pipe organ console fitted with a MIDI relay.

These world class samples represent over two thousand hours of development work.

Steve Margison has created a web site dedicated to the HVO Project that offers general information about the project, complete documentation, downloads, demos and simple ordering for the DVD disk.

The HVO 2009 disk will include the latest versions of the samples with improved tonal finishing as well as a collection of GSP “project files” which automate the loading and configuration of HVO for 2 through 10 channel installations.

Very generously, Margison has agreed to offer the HVO DVDs essentially at his out-of-pocket costs for production and mailing.

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Best Regards,

Joe Hardy