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Topic: Missing Instruments text file for Concert & Marching Band

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    Missing Instruments text file for Concert & Marching Band

    I recently purchased Garritan Concert and Marching Band, and after installing it on OS X 10.5.6, I had a couple issues. Firstly, the Service Center Installer crashed on installation, leaving me unable to activate the library. I solved that issue by going to the Native Instruments website and downloading the current version there. Secondly, though, Finale 2009a does not list the new instruments in the Setup wizard dialog, but I /can/ see them in a document by opening the Audio Unit Instruments dialog and selecting 'Kontakt Player 2' from the list. I loaded an instrument and played a track with it, which worked, so I know the plugin works. Now all I need is the instruments text file for the FinaleAU folder! Where can I get that? It did NOT automatically install when I ran the installer from the DVD with the standard settings. Help please!

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    Re: Missing Instruments text file for Concert & Marching Band

    As it always seems to happen, RIGHT AFTER I made the previous post I found the answer (after a couple of hours of searching...). Here is the link I found that should aid others in the future: http://makemusic.custhelp.com/app/an...etail/a_id/644


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