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Topic: clef C question

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    Question clef C question

    I have never used the C clef before so am confused as to where it would be located on the piano keys.

    Would this note be a C4 or C5?



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    Re: clef C question

    If your midi notes are starting at C0 it would be C5. Another way to say it is that is an octave above middle C. Or to say it yet another way it's c''.

    Here's a link that might be helpful.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: clef C question

    Picture a piano part: treble clef on top, bass clef below.
    The C clef identifies Middle C. (between the 2 clefs)
    The C clef can move around on the staff.
    A C clef on the 4th line(from below) would enable the player to read
    more low notes on staff lines without using ledger lines.
    A C clef on the lower lines enables the player to read higher notes on the clef without using ledger lines.
    Typically in instruments, bassoons & trombones & euphoniums & horns use a C clef to replace high ledger line notes. In singing, the alto & tenor voices may use the alto & tenor (C)clef.
    It gets difficult reading a series of notes which have 4-5-6 ledger lines.

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    Thanks Steve and Gary, for your help!

    Question answered and something new learned...


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