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Topic: Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

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    Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

    I upgraded Sibelius 3 to 5.2.5 then I purchased GPO so I would have more than the "essentials" in SIB.
    I already posted a thread on Apr 6: Staccato triplets don't sound. No replies at all yet.
    Now when I expanded the violin solo into a full orch score I found another problem: The instruments' "loudness" (volume or velocity) is completely out of balance. For ex. trombones and trumpets are very loud, french horns are barely audible. Among strings: Viola is the laudest, Violin 2 is fair but Violin 1 is again barely audible, so is violin solo.
    I checked Mixer, set all intruments to Volume 100, problem is still there. All staves are set to the same dynamic MIDI message, like forte.
    In Sib 5.2.5 Playback devices, I set KP2 twice as the active devices, some sounds are nice, like the Strad solo violin, but KP2 seems unuseable when I can not control dynamics.
    When I used "synth" Playback Devices (like SB Live! MIDI synth or Microsoft) no such problems, dynamics are balanced between staves, triplets play as they suppose to etc. But sounds are artifical. I purchased GPO to get away from synthetized sounds.
    Please advise. Thank you.

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    Re: Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

    The mod wheel controls volume. Have you had success using it?

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    Re: Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

    Quote Originally Posted by LFO View Post
    The mod wheel controls volume. Have you had success using it?m -Kevin
    Yes I tried it without success.
    But, the score was fed in with Sibelius 5.2.5 via the computer keyboard, not the MIDI controller. In playback the controller is not necessary, (it is not even turned on) it is done by the Playback Devices in Sib 5.2.5 (in this case two KontaktPlayer2-s).
    Could I send you a simple one staff 4 measure sample?

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    Re: Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

    In Sib the mod wheel for GPO is controlled by dynamic markings (ppp-fff) or by CC values added above the staves. If you have not entered in any values, then the program will revert to default values and that is not what you want.

    As to the staccato triplets, what instrument is not making any noise?

    I have only used the expand deal once or twice and didn't like anything it did. You are much better off orchestrating the piece yourself. I can't even see how it could take a solo part and expand that to a full orchestra. If that is what you are trying to do, you are asking it for too much.

    Post a link to a sample piece but make it a bit larger than 4 measures. 16- 20 should do.

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    Re: Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

    Hello rolifer;

    First, the controller keyboard has nothing to do with the unbalanced dynamics between the staves. As I said, I don't use the keyboard.

    Sorry, I might have used the wrong term, "expanded". Yes, I orchestrated the accompaniment of a violin solo for a full orchestra ( all woods, 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, full string section)

    In a test score for the same orchestra I set the dynamic markings of ALL staves to the same (like f), set the KP2 Mixer dynamic levels for ALL instruments the same (100) and the playback was still very unbalanced. Brass was much stronger (except french horns), woods were lower and high strings (including the Strad solo) much lower, whereas the cello and Contrabass was stronger. I know that the Viol 1 should not sound 16 times stronger than the solo violin but in a live performance in a concert hall one should clearly hear a good balance.

    Sadly, using a synth (like SB Live!) or Microsoft SW Wavetable, balance is much better, but I want to use GPO with KP2 for better sounds!

    About triplets, some more expriments, I found if I don't use the slur over the staccatos the separation is OK. But it seems in KP2 slurs cancel out the staccatos. Not in the synths or wavetable as above which play all right. The sound is for solo violin (KP2 Strad).

    About posting a link, I would like to do it, but I am not a PC afficionado (just a retired violinist), could you give me a step by step instruction how to do it. Thanks a million.

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    Re: Something is wrong with GPO - KP2

    Hi, Charlesh

    Trying to squeeze recorded music out of a notation program can be a real challenge. It's pretty much conquered me - I only use notation for when I need sheet music. If you need recordings, a sequencing program like Sonar will save your hair turning prematurely white.

    "... (I) set the KP2 Mixer dynamic levels for ALL instruments the same (100)..." Well that's a problem. And your answer is actually in your own post, your quotation there. For whatever reason, the instruments aren't programmed in a balanced way in GPO--meaning that you load a group, they aren't going to be in the proportions you want. Your experiment proves that--With everything at the same level, the balance is way off.

    In that mixer, you need to set the levels for the instruments the way you need. Some will be clear to the top, others will be way below half way up. ---Try it.

    Randy B.

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