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Topic: Aria EWI USB- soundpacks??

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    Aria EWI USB- soundpacks??

    I see that there are a few soundpacks that can be purchased for Microsoft Soundsmith. Why are there not a few available for the EWI USB. We are dying for some new sounds (the world pack is looking very good). Can we get at least 1 pack available to buy to tide us over- I would love to get some world instruments to use with my EWI.

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    Re: Aria EWI USB- soundpacks??

    Hi (in support of this request)
    I would also love to see some additional sound packs for the Aria that came with my EWI USB. I am a professional musician and have spent time over the last few weeks looking at other synths to use the EWI with. However I keep coming back to the simplicity of the ARIA player layout. As I play a great deal "live" the layout of the interface is great for making fast setup changes. So any additional instruments would be great.

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    Re: Aria EWI USB- soundpacks??

    Count me in as someone who'd love some more sounds for the EWI USB!!
    Poulsbo, WA

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