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Topic: Scott Tibbs on Roland V-Piano

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    Scott Tibbs on Roland V-Piano

    Here is a version of one of my compositions played by the great Scott Tibbs on the new Roland V-piano.

    Thanks for listening


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    Re: Scott Tibbs on Roland V-Piano

    That was great! Both of you. I remember meeting Scott years ago over at T Bone's. ( you might not know him, but Scott will) I think he might have been playing with W. N. at the time here in Vegas. Scott's a wonderful player. Thanks for that!!

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    Re: Scott Tibbs on Roland V-Piano

    Thank you very much.
    Scott told me a lot of classic Wayne Newton stories over the years. He seems to have a never ending supply of these.
    I am truely blessed to work with such a talented musician.
    He rocks my world!


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