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Topic: New Update Posted: Sylus RMX 1.8.1d

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    New Update Posted: Sylus RMX 1.8.1d


    Stylus RMX 1.8.1d Release Notes

    Contains fixes for:

    • Clear All not working properly with parameter automation.
    • Swing, strength, and simplify not automatable.
    • Stylus window must remain open for automation to work in Pro Tools.
    • Graphics problems on occasion when scaling Time page display.
    • LFO random shape not working properly.
    • Kit mode edit group names displayed in multi mode.
    • Host sync not working in some cases with Pro Tools.
    • Windows SAGE Converter was using incorrect SAGE folder location.

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    Re: New Update Posted: Sylus RMX 1.8.1d

    Automation of Simplify is awesome.

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