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Topic: I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like Theme

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    I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like Theme

    Hi everyone,

    A view days ago I watched the movie “The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon” from 1963.
    The proto-minimal score by Akira I-f-u-k-u-b-e (Godzilla) inspired me to this little I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like theme. It’s not a copy of one of his themes but I adapted completely his style.
    The theme itself is based up on the Japanese pentatonic scale (in this case Eb, g, Ab, Bb, c + d) and the harmonies are Tonic, Subdominant parallel, Dominant parallel and Subdominant. I-f-u-k-u-b-e rarely used the Dominant, so in my theme it also appears just one time.
    The time signature is constantly changing so the theme stops at some points. Another characteristic of his music.
    Have some fun.

    All the best JAN


    PS: For some reason I can’t post I-f-u-k-u-b-e in one word.

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    Re: I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like Theme

    Hello, Jan

    I'm very glad I discovered this lost posting from you - I think it's possible that people were confused or worried about the subject line. A filter here at Northern Sounds apparently forced you to put the dashes between the letters, because the combination of letters alerted the filter that it was possibly a bit of profanity--um, see what I mean? Unfortunate.

    But I hope some folks here notice your thread now that it's being boosted to the top of the Listening Room page - I found it to be a well made recording of some very lovely music. It has a gentle elegance to it that felt very good to hear.

    Thank you!--Sorry about your post being neglected.

    Randy B.

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    Re: I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like Theme

    When all else fails, put it in japanese...hehe. いふくべ!

    This is some really nice stuff. Especially loved the second half! Love that theme! The mix sounds a bit dry for my tastes but otherwise I really liked it and I'm glad Randy brought this back up to the top. Have saved it so I can listen to it again later.


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    Re: I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like Theme


    thank you so much for your comments.
    I glad that you like the piece.

    Thank you again,
    JAN S.

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    Re: I-f-u-k-u-b-e-like Theme

    I've only seen a little Japanese film so I'm not sure if I've heard the composer who influenced this. Anyway, I really enjoyed it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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