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Topic: Susan Boyle

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    Re: Susan Boyle

    Hi Randy. Very nice! The sad thing is that people appreciate mrs. Boyle because she can sing very well. But if she couldnt? still she would must be apreciated, but for sure that audience would not think that.

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    Re: Susan Boyle

    Yes, Marce, I understand what you mean. In the first part of the vid before she sang, I was disgusted with both the panel and the audience---typically shallow, heartless, cynical attitudes which keep me away from these kind of TV shows. Then when Ms. Boyle opened her mouth to sing - the transformation that came over everyone is an astonishingly beautiful miracle to watch. And the panel dropped their guard and all expressed themselves with genuineness after Ms. Boyle sang.

    I hope everyone watches this - Apparently one of the biggest over-night HUGE Mega Hit Wonders in the history of You Tube. When you go there to YT you can find a long list of various versions of this vid. Some show her back stage before she came on, and her back stage after her song.

    I think it's the most inspiring thing I've seen this year. I wish it could permanently change the attitude, look and purpose of all those godawful reality shows. At least there is this moment when somebody unknown, from humble origins, truly made magic and made a positive difference.



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    Re: Susan Boyle

    I'm holding my breath to see how she'll continue on from here.
    My understanding of this "reality" show is that she is now on to the semi-finals or something, yes?

    With a voice like that, the proper training/coaching, she COULD have a great career. Not ALL parts in musicals are for 19-yr old beauty pageant toothpicks with generic voices.

    The only issue now is that a "career" as a singer is more than singing one song. And if she is interested in doing musicals (which is a leap on my part, I'm assuming because of her choice of song) she will need to have stage presence as well as acting ability and some charisma.

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    Re: Susan Boyle

    Yes Randy, that was surely a beautiful and inspirational moment. But I'm a bit sad and fearful thinking about where it goes from here when the money machine goes to work on her, deciding how best to "market" her. I hope the lady has a good head on her shoulders and both knows and holds onto who she really is. Maybe it's time to rewrite the script for "A Star Is Born." John

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    Re: Susan Boyle

    I believe the biggest part of this story is about what it says about Simon Cowell, his 2 shows on both sides of the Pond ("America's Got Talent, Britain
    's Got Talent",) and what people are used to seeing. I think a lot of people tune in to these shows (including "American Idol") at the audition portion of the season to see people bomb, to have Simon and his other judges figuratively murder these people's dreams. Watching the judges faces when this lady comes out a belts out a Broadway standard was just amazing. I sorta restores my confidence in human nature.

    For all of the Susan Boyles of the world who are not "beautiful people," but have talent, this is a great day.

    Keith Walls

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    Re: Susan Boyle

    What a surprise!!!

    An ugly girl can sing.

    That is what everyone is thinking on a sub-conscience level. I can almost guarantee that the panelists were thinking that as well, just not in a sub-conscience manner.

    In today's world you have to be one of the beautiful people to be successful. Especially if you are a woman. Look at how many sub-par successful singers there are that have the one redeeming quality of being beautiful.

    So let's all band together and boycott the beautiful people.

    No, I guess not, because then I would get boycotted.

    I do enjoy dreamland.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Susan Boyle

    I lifted this from her Wikipedia page:

    " Simon Cowell is reported to be setting up a contract with Boyle with his SyCo Music company label, a subsidiary of Sony Music".
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Susan Boyle

    This is very inspiring and shows that greater beauty comes from within. Thanks for posting this.


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    Re: Susan Boyle

    This singing Angel has accumulated up to 20 millions hits on YouTube.



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