I recently put together some random guitar music that I wanted to share with everyone. It is very raw and un-produced which is what I find very appealing about these tracks. In fact all the songs sound kinda incomplete. Very different from what I have been doing otherwise. Most of the pieces are just improvisations on the guitar and have very subtle orchestrations/arrangements. Keeping in mind the human attention span, I have made sure the tracks are mostly 2-3 minutes long. I'm not sure what genre this music would fall under but it could be fusion.I also created some artwork to go with each track. Hope you like it.

Since the music is protected by the creative commons, it will be available as a free download on my website very soon. (http://www.rishabhrajan.com)

All tracks available for download from the internet archive:
(7 mp3s at 128 kbps with one pdf file. total filesize 25MB)

To lisen to the tracks for now you can visit:
there's a music player at the bottom left corner of that page.

Also can be downloaded from myspace: