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Topic: Lyrical Distortion

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    Lyrical Distortion

    hello !

    i purchased LD1 and LD 2 a while ago for Kontakt

    I was wondering if anyone out there may have reprogrammed it for the EXS24..?

    i tried with CDXtract . I works with only one program or "layer" but when i want to merge or stack different programs to control with either velocity or modulation , the assigns samples are not correct.

    i probably would require Redmatica Keymap 1.5 to do it properly in a timely matter

    anyone ?

    many thanks


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    Re: Lyrical Distortion

    I am also curious how strumming is handled in LD. Are there multiple speeds, up and down, etc?

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion

    hey Trance

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion

    sorry for the bad post earlier..my bad


    LD is more "power chords" oriented as far as chords are concerned but it has a distinctive tone of a PRS guitar with some Mesa Boogie amps i think

    the chord section is power chords from muted ( palm ) to full on sustain

    all of this controlled with the mod wheel to switch between each variation..( i think there's 4 )

    anyhow , if anyone knows if there's a version of LD for the EXS 24 , let us know

    thanks !


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    Re: Lyrical Distortion

    Hello Yves,

    Last time I looked at the possibilities of porting to EXS, I found that it lacked the programming features that LD utilizes (Random variations)
    I have seen Keymap has the ability for Round Robin. I've had Keymap for about a year and a half, but I've yet to use it. I need a newer mac to run it, which I just haven't got around to yet.
    At any rate, I'm not sure there is a worth while advantage to convert to EXS vs the time spent converting. To my knowledge, there isn't a simple way of converting.

    Hello Trace,

    The powerchords come in up/dn, palmed up/dn. There is also sus2 and sus4 chords. Lyrical Direct also has powerchord vibrato and powerchord pinch harmonics articulations, as well as up/dn slid into powerchords. There aren't different strum speeds. If you're handy with kontakt, you could experiment with time machine to vary the strum speed. If your looking to slow strums where it's almost arpeggiated sounding, then strumming singles would be more practical.
    To be honest, I've never sat back and thought a powerchord strum speed didn't work, it just seems to click as is. Hope that helps

    Best regards,

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion


    thanks for your reply

    i guess the programming depth ( or lack of ) of the EXS24 prevents a lot of the bigger soundlibs to be ported over that format... too bad

    i think the EXS24 and it integration within Logic and low CPU usage makes it a first call sampler for me but i guess i don't have much choice than to re-install Kontakt on my system

    i really was hoping that Keymap 1.5 could reprogram LD 1 & 2 though

    keep us posted if you ever think you can do an EXS24 version

    i want to get into Keymap 1.5 ..maybe i'll be able to do something about it..!

    thanks again


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