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Topic: Mixing and controls

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    Mixing and controls

    I am using Finale 2009 and have just finished a piece to be included in a musical. I brought up the Garritan ambience and set things to my liking, but I can find no way to save the settings. As soon as I save the piece all the settings go back to default.

    Also when I bring up the Garritan Ambience and Aria instrument editing, I can not extend the size of the page making it impossible to see all of the control options, etc.

    Anyone have a cure for these problems?

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    Re: Mixing and controls

    Hi Tom, This sounds curious. When you save your project in Finale, it should save all the settings in the Aria interface and the Garritan Ambience settings.

    I not sure I understand the second part of your post regarding access to the settings in the Aria interface. Here is a screen shot with those interfaces open in Finale on my computer. Could you refer to this or post a screenshot of your own to clarify your problem. Just in case, you do realize you can click and drag these to where you wish by clicking in the colored band at the top? If that isn't what you meant, could you try to explain it again? John

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