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Topic: Composing for 5.1

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    Composing for 5.1

    For those of you who compose music that eventually be played for Cinema/DVD in 5.1, at what point in the composing process(if at all) are you incorporating 5.1 speakers. Or is this only something that is dealt with on the dub/mixing stage by the post production team.

    Is there a protocol for splacement of the instruments in the widened field?

    When providing audio for post production, do you provide a mix with surround stems or stereo stems.

    Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide!


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    Re: Composing for 5.1

    For this to be done well it should be done in the dub in a well set up room.
    We all know how notoriously difficult it is to transport a stereo mix from one system to another, multiply that again!

    A studio I dub at regularly took years over fine tuning their 5.1 set ups, I just don't think you could do it in your own studio without a lot of professional help and sound treatment of the room.

    Sure, it's fairly easy to hook up - but it's the making it work on another system that's the problem. The other issue if you're being included into a bigger 5.1 project is that you might screw up the mix for the dubbing engineer!

    If you're just doing the music, it's quite normal for the music to be mainly in the stereo field unless there's a good reason for it not to be. A bit weird having the bass players behind you!

    You'd probably be asked for stereo stems, but it makes sense to use surround versions of any orchestral libraries you might have.


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