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Topic: Proud dad - carnegie hall

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    Proud dad - carnegie hall

    My wife and daughter just returned from an amazing trip to NYC. My son who is 18 and plays for his high school wind ensemble (he plays alto sax) was invited to a national competition sponsored by Carnegie Hall. His wind ensemble was invited to compete. Last Wednesday his ensemble played with 5 other high school ensembles throughout the US. They were judged by 2 professional conductors. They won a Gold Medal.

    All the while he was performing I was thinking about the evening he was born. The first time I had him in my arms I noticed that he had very long slender fingers and at that moment knew that he would be a musician one day.

    I can't tell you what a humbling and proud evening that was. This is a memory for the record books - both for him and all of us.


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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    Wow, congratulations to him!! Must've been quite a night!
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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall



    Wow, I would be proud too. Congrats to you and your son, Tom.


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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    A BIG congratulations. What pieces did he play?

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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    Well, you should be proud!! That was quite an accomplishment!

    In spite of class prediction, I never made it to Carnegie Hall except in the audience!


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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    You have every reason to be extremely proud - congratulations!

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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    TOm, great news. You are proud and with reason. Again congratulations. And trust me, it had nothing to do with his fingers. Even piccolo players can excell with short ones (hahaha).


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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    What a great moment. May you find many future proud moments with him!

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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    Now that gets 5 clapping Hippies.
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    Re: Proud dad - carnegie hall

    Excellent. Well done to all.

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